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Student Designers

The 19th Annual Benefit Fashion show, Transcend, is a runway show that will explore the outward manifestation of the unconscious mind. The designers were asked to go beyond the expected and Transcend their normal, accepted thought processes and reveal a hidden layer of themselves through their garment making.

Jordan Matthews ‘13 - Chance

Chance is an expression of life, about having fun and enjoying the life that you live. These garments are the outward expression of the kind of life that I feel everyone should have. By using color and embellishment in my pieces, the wearer is sure to be seen. I think that life is too short to take everything so seriously and way too short to wear boring clothes. This line is just a fun project for me. I just took a chance and created things by using things I like. With these garments I'm sending a message to everyone: Live your life the best way you know how. Take chances. Risk everything and enjoy every minute of the life that you have been given.