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Student Designers

At the annual Experimental Fashion Event, artists and designers from the Fiber Department’s Multi Media Event class transform 2640 (St. John’s Church) into a venue for innovative fashion and costume design by pushing the boundaries of fashion and art through live performances and projected video.

Thea Elisabeth Curley

Thea Elisabeth Curley is a Baltimore native, graduating this spring from the Maryland Institute College of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, concentrating in Experimental Fashion. She enjoys all things fantastic and intends to become a costume designer for film. Currently, Thea is developing product ideas that revolve around her concept of ‘everyday costume' - pieces that together constitute a Renaissance outfit, for example, but may be worn as separates on a daily basis. Her influences are predominately Victorian, with a serious obsession with Alice in Wonderland and the macabre, and extend to literature, numerous subcultures, a good deal of nature, and many films and video-games. Thea spends her time sewing or knitting ferociously, and reading in much the same manner. You can find some of her creations on her Etsy shop (Charm City Curios).

Thea Elisabeth Curley

Inspired by the concept of the cabinet of curiosities, an encyclopedic collection of uncategorical objects and oddities from Renaissance Europe,  Thea's "Creep Couture", transformed into a freak show of the macabre and strange. Drawing from fairy-tales, horror stories and history, the line parades a number of creature-characters showcasing costumes rooted in the Elegant Gothic Lolita and Steampunk subcultures, both deeply influenced by the Victorian era.

Photo by Jessica Marx