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Student Designers

At the annual Experimental Fashion Event, artists and designers from the Fiber Department’s Multi Media Event class transform 2640 (St. John’s Church) into a venue for innovative fashion and costume design by pushing the boundaries of fashion and art through live performances and projected video.

Stephanie Santos

Stephanie Marie Santos is from sunny Miami, Florida where she attended New World School of the Arts High School. She is currently working toward a Bachelor of Fine Arts focusing on Fiber at The Maryland Institute College of Art. Her keen sensibility for colors and drawing motivates her exploration of various materials in her sculpture and garment work. Her interests in cultural identity and nature are subjects of her recent artistic endeavors. She will graduate in May 2012 and is looking forward to working in the textile design industry as a lead designer.

In Shifting Bloom I take inspiration from natural forms and translate these into sculptural forms for the body. Accumulation of shapes and colors, growing like natural formations, accentuate and disrupt the silhouette of the body. The qualities that I find in intricately felting wool to silk are a metaphor to the delicate relationship of our bodies to a space. The progression of the pieces throughout the show leads to the body finally being overtaken by the garment.

Stephanie Santos

The focus becomes the ephemeral quality of the performance; the body's movement through space that transcends the corporeal. I am interested in the relationship between the performer and the garment and how these influence each other. This collection is brought to life with the help of Alex Vizzi with choreography that is inspired by nature and open to its unexpected variations and the musical styling of Sergio Manuel Santos.

Photo by Jessica Marx