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Student Designers

At the annual Experimental Fashion Event, artists and designers from the Fiber Department’s Multi Media Event class transform 2640 (St. John’s Church) into a venue for innovative fashion and costume design by pushing the boundaries of fashion and art through live performances and projected video.

Kelsey LaSeur and Jamie Kimak

Kelsey LaSeur

Kelsey LaSeur is a Senior Fiber major with a concentration in Experimental Fashion at MICA. Her interest lies in the construction of form through the accumulation of various materials and building sculpturally off of the body.

Jamie Kimak is a Senior Fiber major at the Maryland Institute of Art (MICA). She focuses her creative energies on weaving, surface design and textural pattern.


This collection results from a voyage to collect and cohere the scattered bits of exploding minds. A voyage with arms outstretched and feeling fingers, gathering, gathering. Little pieces retrieved and kept close, like hoarding nests. The big question is what will begin to emerge as the pieces come together? What do these mind chunks begin to say? Which referents foreground themselves? The geometric silhouettes of Oskar Schlemmer; the satire of royal pomp, hierarchy, retro futurism, and the branding of ethnicity; the search for personal and cultural identity; and the physical manifestation of collaboration and accumulative processes as tiny pieces of detritus are tediously tacked, stitched, sewn and wrapped together! Voila!

Photo by Jessica Marx