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Student Designers

At the annual Experimental Fashion Event, artists and designers from the Fiber Department’s Multi Media Event class transform 2640 (St. John’s Church) into a venue for innovative fashion and costume design by pushing the boundaries of fashion and art through live performances and projected video.

Kate Weintraub and Anna Strain

Experimental garment artist Kate Weintraub and illustrator Anna Strain are collaborating for the first time, combining Weintraub's technical garment knowledge and construction skills with Strain's digital illustration and character design background. To realize this body of work, Weintraub drafts and constructs garments out of textiles designed by Strain, who also creates a variety of props that hyperbolize the performance.

Their concept for Stunted was to reflect, in the form of garments and props, ideas surrounding the inability to grow up by forcing oneself into a falsely remembered and idealized childhood. The line's "characters" are stuck in an infantilized state, unable and unwilling to become responsible adults. They exist in neither the adult or childhood realm, but straddle the two in an uneasy purgatory fabricated from indulgent and often distorted memories and sentiments; an escape to a time inaccurately interpreted as simple and innocent.


Anna Strain and Kate Weintraub