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Scholarship Opportunities for Graduating Seniors

The Chairs Award

The Chairs Award is given to one graduating senior each year in order to support an art-making project that requires travel (either in the U.S. or abroad). This award replaces the previous travel award, the F. Grainger Marburg Traveling Scholarship. To be considered for the Chairs Award, a student must be nominated by his or her Department Chair and present a proposal that indicates the special need to travel in order to pursue the work of interest.  The maximum amount of the award is $2,500. Department Chairs may provide advice to students on the development of applications and budgets.

Selection Criteria

  • Quality of artwork
  • Merit of the proposed project
  • Academic record


  • The applicant must be a graduating senior. (Graduating in the Fall, Spring, or Summer semester.)
  • There is no specific GPA requirement.
  • The award is intended to fund travel for one individual only. (Travel related expenses such as language lessons and guides are acceptable.)
  • If students choose to work on a joint project, they may apply under the name of only one student. If chosen, only that student will be named the Chairs Award recipient, but the funds can be used for multiple students.
  • The award is not intended for students to travel to their home town.
  • The award cannot be used toward an existing MICA travel program, such as study abroad.
  • The award must be used within two years of graduation from MICA.
  • December graduates are eligible to apply for the award in the academic year in which they graduate.
  • The student who is awarded the Chairs Award may also receive other awards in the same year, e.g., Fulbright or Departmental Awards.


Nominations are made by the Department Chairs in March through April and are based on the student's outstanding studio work and academic record.  These students should also have a keen interest in traveling to make artwork in another region, either in the U.S. or overseas, and the potential for the experience to positively impact their art.


 Nominated students will be notified by their Department Chair and by an email from the Academic Services office explaining the rules for application. 

Online applications must include (in .pdf format):

1. a brief narrative about the direction of the student's artwork and how travel to a specific location is necessary to support it.

2. an itinerary and an itemized budget with amounts for travel, lodging, food, etc.

3. 10 digital images (800 x 800 pixels max)


  no more than 3 minutes of media, including video, animation, sound and/or interactive work (.mov, .mp3, or .mp4 formatted)


a link to an interactive work or website they have created.

Awarding the Scholarship

Department Chairs will review all applications and make a decision at their May meeting.  The recipient will be announced at Commencement.

(updated 3.7.16)

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