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Information for International Applicants

VISA and Financial Information

VISA Requirements and Procedures

International applicants should wait until they have received a notification of acceptance before submitting any of the necessary form. Required documents to receive a Form I-20AB:

  1.  You must be admitted to MICA as a full-time degree candidate and have demonstrated English language proficiency;
  2. You must have submitted to MICA a completed Financial Statement that meets all conditions outlined under Financial Documentation. The updated form for 2010-2011 will be available soon.
  3. You must complete and return the Immigration Information form indicating your intention to apply for an F-1 visa or transfer your existing F-1 visa to MICA;
  4. If you already hold a valid F-1 visa and plan to transfer your visa sponsorship to MICA, you also must complete and return the I-20 transfer form along with a photocopy of your current I-20 form. For complete instructions and materials regarding this process please refer to I-20 Transfer Form and Instructions;
  5. You must pay the required advance deposits for tuition and housing.

When you receive your Form I-20AB from MICA, you should take it with your financial documentation to the United States Consulate in your country in order to obtain an F-1 Student Visa. The visa will be issued for the length of your program at MICA.

Please be advised that you may be required to present evidence of financial support when you apply for your student (F-1) visa and once again when you apply for entry into the United States. This documentation will assist Immigration Officials to determine and expedite visa issuance.

Financial Documentation


Maryland Institute College of Art is required to obtain information that documents your ability to cover all of your expenses while you are studying in the United States. You must provide official documentation that indicates your source(s) of funding and the amount available in U.S. dollars. Funds may come from any dependable source, including a sponsor, your government, personal or family savings, or from a scholarship or fellowship. Financial documentation should guarantee that you will have sufficient funds for at least the first year of study, as well as assurance that similar funding will be available throughout the full course of study, barring unforeseen circumstances.

The estimated expenses for students can be found at Graduate Admission & Financial Aid: Tuition & Fees. Please outline your ability to cover these expenses by completing the Financial Statement for International Students, which includes an Affidavit of Support and Certificate of Finances.

Keep in mind that you must provide official bank statement(s) that certify account balances (in U.S. dollars) or other official documents (e.g., government award letter) for each source of funding that you list. Bank statements must be originals; faxed copies will not be accepted.

The completed Financial Statement for International Students – Graduate with all supporting documents, must be returned to Maryland Institute College of Art. The 2010-2011 form will be available here shortly.

Financing your MICA Education

International students should make substantial and realistic financial plans for study in the United States. Certification is required that a student has funds available to support each year of study. Because MICA has limited financial assistance to offer non-U.S. citizens, international students should be prepared to cover all educational and personal expenses while studying at the College. The estimated expenses for students can be found at Graduate Admission & Financial Aid: Tuition & Fees.

Financial Aid & Scholarships
Need-based financial aid is not available. International students applying to MICA's graduate programs are eligible to compete for the following merit-based scholarships, which can cover partial tuition costs:

  • MICA International Graduate Fellowship - One $12,000 scholarship will be awarded to an entering student for each year of graduate study. All admitted international students will be considered as candidates for this award.

Loans may be available to international students if they have a co-signer who is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. International students should also research the availability of private and/or educational loans within their country, or from international banks that don't require U.S. citizenship.

Monthly Tuition Installment Plan
Many international families choose to finance education expenses through the interest-free Tuition Installment Plan. You may call AMS Education Loan Trust at 1-508-235-2800 for assistance and specific instructions for international students.

A few MICA-funded, on-campus jobs are available each year to international undergraduate students. Salaries range from $600 to $1,100 per year. Students are considered for these positions after they have been enrolled for one semester. International students are usually not eligible to work off campus. After one year of study in the U.S., however, international students may be eligible to work off campus under certain conditions (Optional Practical Training or Curricular Practical Training) if the work is authorized in advance by MICA's International Affairs office and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, as required. Contact MICA's International Affairs office to learn more about employment regulations for F-1 students. Keep in mind opportunities to work are rare and it is therefore unrealistic to anticipate income from employment.

Wire Transfer of Funds 

The most convenient method for international students to pay their expenses is with wire transfer of funds. When wiring funds to MICA, be sure your name and Social Security number or MICA ID number is referenced on the transaction. This will ensure that the funds are posted to the correct account. To obtain your MICA ID number, contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission if you are an incoming freshman or transfer student; the Office of Graduate Admission if you are an incoming graduate student.

 The following information is needed to complete a wire transfer:

  • Bank Name - M&T Bank
  • Address - 715 North Howard Street, Baltimore, MD 21201
  • ABA Number - 022000046
  • Account Number - 070-8413-4
  • Account Name - Maryland Institute College of Art
  • Comment - The student's name/I.D. Number