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Application Requirements for the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Fine Art

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Fine Art

The Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Fine Art offers an intensive fine arts studio experience that allows students to achieve a new level of mastery in art making. Post-Bac students pursue independent work, developing a disciplined studio practice that will carry forward into graduate study or work as artists outside of an academic environment.

Who Should Apply

The Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Fine Art is designed to serve several types of students. Many who enroll have recently graduated with a BA from a liberal arts college or a university art department and are looking for the intensity and depth of experience that an art school can provide. Others have taken art classes while working in other fields, are interested in making a career change, and feel the need to become intensely involved in making art. Post-Bac students who wish to build their portfolio of artwork with the intention of applying to graduate schools are assisted in the process. All students are encouraged to reach a level in their work that reflects a personal direction. They grow to have confidence in their abilities, which allows them to continue working beyond the structural situation once they have left the program.

Students may apply for entrance in either Fall or Spring as full-time students only. Spring entrance depends on availability of space in the program.

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Application Requirements and Procedures for the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Fine Art

Priority Application Deadline for Fall 2018 Entrance: April 3, 2018

Applications received after April 3 will be considered on a rolling basis provided space remains available

Apply Now

1. Graduate Admission Application: Submitted online via mica.slideroom.com
2. Curriculum Vitae/Resume
3. Statement of Purpose/Artist Statement

Applicants are asked to submit a written statement (500-700 words) addressing their personal artwork and outlining their goals for post-baccalaureate study.

4. Three (3) Letters of Reference

Letters are submitted online via mica.slideroom.com

5. Proof of Degree or Equivalent

Digital transcripts from the last degree-granting institution can be uploaded to SlideRoom. Official transcripts are not required for the initial review process, however the Graduate Review Committee may request additional or official documentation before decision notification. 

6. Portfolio of Artwork

Applicants should submit 18-20 digital images or time-based media for review online via mica.slideroom.com. Slideroom allows applicants to create an inventory of pieces and attach the following information: title, date, medium, dimensions and notes. Applicants may upload images, video or .pdf documents. For good image quality and fast upload, applicants should follow the guidelines on SlideRoom.

Applicants should submit their portfolio materials for review with their application via mica.slideroom.com. Specific technical guidelines addressing the submission of digital images, video files, sound files and text files are available in the SlideRoom system.

7. $75 Application Fee

Payable via credit card during the application submission on mica.slideroom.com

8. Additional Requirements for International Applicants

International candidates whose primary language is not English must demonstrate proficiency in both written and spoken English. Additionally, certified translations of all letters of reference, transcripts and school documentation must be provided. For additional information on international applicant requirements, please visit Information for International Graduate Applicants.

This page was last updated on 08/24/2017.