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Application Requirements

Information Visualization (Online MPS)

Information visualization has relevance to practically every academic and creative discipline including arts, design, natural and physical sciences, business, engineering, information sciences, medicine, and humanities. Information visualization involves the generation and use of images and visual strategies to enable the identification, access, analysis and solution of various scientific, engineering, technological, planning and artistic / design problems.

Who Should Apply

The MPS in Information Visualization is a uniquely-designed, intensive program for experienced professionals and recent graduates who have a strong interest in applying the principles and practices of design and information/data analysis to visually tell compelling stories, solve complex problems, and/or to create engaging experiences. Applicants should have a basic understanding of how information visualization is used by various industries as well as the different mediums (2D, interactive, 3D). Applicants should possess some practical knowledge and skills in art and design; proficiency in a programming language such as Java, Processing or R; and basic skills in statistical applications such as probability, correlation, and distributions. Because the program is cohort-based, applicants should be prepared to commit to a continuous, 14-month learning experience.

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Application Requirements and Procedures for Information Visualization (Online MPS)

Priority Application Deadline for Fall 2015 Entrance: April 1, 2015

Applications received after April 1 will be considered if space is available.

1. Graduate Admission Application Form: Completed and submitted online at
2. Curriculum Vitae / Resume
3. Information Visualization Statement of Intent Questions:

A. Describe your interest in the field of information visualization and the types of experience(s) you have had in creating and/or using visualizations (750 words or less)

B. What are your computer software and/or programming skills relevant to the field of information visualization (eg. 2D or 3D design software, open source, computer programming languages, etc.)? Provide a brief description of the types of projects you have worked on using these skills. Each description should be 100 words or less.

4. Three (3) Letters of Reference

References are submitted online via SlideRoom

5. Proof of Degree or Equivalent

Please submit transcripts from ALL post-secondary institutions attended in sealed, institution-issued envelopes to the Office of Graduate Admission.

6. Portfolio and Portfolio Narrative

A portfolio can include traditional media (2D or 3D) and or technical documents that illustrate the applicants's ability to visually communication ideas and information.

A. Portfolios should include at least 2 but no more than 8 examples of an applicant's work related to the field of information visualization. Examples can be 2D or 3D design files, videos, technical documents, case studies, workflow diagrams, etc.

B. The Portfolio Narrative is a separate document which provides brief descriptions of each example in your portfolio. Each description should be 100 words or less.

Applicants should submit their portfolio materials for review with their application via Specific technical guidelines addressing the submission of digital images, video files, sound files and text files are available in the SlideRoom system.

7. $75 Application Fee: Payable online during the submission stage at SlideRoom.
8. Additional Requirements for International Applicants

International candidates whose primary language is not English must demonstrate proficiency in both written and spoken English. Additionally, certified translations of all letters of reference, transcripts and school documentation must be provided. For additional information on international applicant requirements, please visit Information for International Graduate Applicants.