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Admission Requirements

Filmmaking (MFA)

MICA's MFA in Filmmaking allows students to learn all aspects of filmmaking and to be at the forefront of emerging practices in film through the exploration of new distribution, production, funding, and consumption models.

Priority Application Deadline for Fall 2018 Entrance: January 17, 2018

Applications received after January 17 will be review through April 3 should space remain available

Apply Now

1. Graduate Admission Application Form: Completed and Submitted Online via mica.slideroom.com
2. Curriculum Vitae/Resume
3. Filmmaking MFA Written Requirements

A. All Filmmaking applicants should write and upload a single 500-800 personal statement that addresses your interest in and goals for graduate-level study.

B. All filmmaking applicants should submit all of the following:

1. A story synopsis for a 5 minute silent film. Please do not include descriptions of camera angles, voice-over or music. Focus on the visual storyline and description of characters. The synopsis should be no more than 2 pages or about 500 words and should only describe what we can see.

2. A dialogue scene between two people. You can write a one sentence description of the characters, but rely on the dialogue to reveal something about the characters. A maximum of two pages, in screenwriting format. Avoid any backstory.

3. Describe a concept for a feature script, narrative or documentary, you would like to develop. This does not need to be a project that you have begun or have researched. The concept should be no longer than 2 pages or 500 words.

4. Three (3) Letters of Reference

Recommendations are submitted online via SlideRoom

5. Proof of Degree or Equivalent

Send transcripts from ALL post secondary schools attended. Transcripts should be submitted in sealed, institution-issued envelopes to the Office of Graduate Admission.

6. Filmmaking MFA Creative Portfolio

All applicants to Filmmaking should submit a creative portfolio consisting of one or more of the following items. The Office of Graduate Admission recommends submitting as much work from a single category as possible so that you are presenting a coherent portfolio.

A. Video/Film: Candidates may upload video directly to mica.slideroom.com, or embed video from external sharing sites such as Vimeo or YouTube. Candidates may upload up to 10 individual videos, provided the total running time of the submissions does not exceed 40 minutes. For individual pieces longer than 15 minutes, the Office of Graduate Admission recommends including a shorter abstract clip (no longer than 2 minutes). For each clip, please describe thoroughly your contribution to the video. Collaborative pieces are acceptable provided you had major creative contributions (director, writer, producer, camera operator or editor). All genres of film, video and animation are acceptable. If you are embedding video from an external site, please ensure no passwords or downloads are required.

B. Visual Arts: Candidates may submit up to 10 samples of work from other visual media, including but not limited photography, painting, costume design, illustration, etc. Images should be uploaded to mica.slideroom.com. Please do not upload tiled or quilted images: one image only per submission slot. Do not upload .pdf files of visual art portfolio images.

C. Written Media: Candidates may submit up to 10 pieces of writing via mica.slideroom.com. Acceptable writing samples include: screenplays (feature or short), detailed treatments, critical writing, film theory, short or long-form narrative or non-fictional writing. Samples should be uploaded as .pdf documents to the Media section of mica.slideroom.com. Separate pieces should be uploaded in separate submission slots.

7. $75 Application Fee

Payable via credit card during the application submission stage online. 

8. Additional Requirements for International Applicants

International candidates whose primary language is not English must demonstrate proficiency in both written and spoken English. Additionally, certified translations of all letters of reference, transcripts and school documentation must be provided. For additional information on international applicant requirements, please visit Information for International Graduate Applicants.

This page was last updated on 08/24/2017.