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Adobe Creative Cloud Software

To ensure that the best resources and tools are available here at MICA, we've partnered with Adobe Systems to provide MICA students / faculty / staff members with Adobe's Creative Cloud software package.  With this software, people in the MICA community can familiarize themselves with the software that's used by professionals in several different digital media disciplines.

Please note that some people in the MICA community do not get access to this software, such as contractors / temporary employees, JHU students taking MICA classes, and students taking classes with the School for Professional and Continuing Studies.

The following software is included in Adobe's Creative Cloud software package:

  • Photoshop
  • Premiere Pro
  • Lightroom
  • Illustrator
  • After Effects
  • Dreamweaver
  • Speedgrade
  • among other programs

How to activate or renew a Creative Cloud license:

At this time, please contact the Help Desk (Help@MICA.edu / (410) 225 - 2201) to obtain a license for the Creative Cloud software.  The Help Desk will then set up the appropriate licensing, which then triggers an invitation email to be sent to your MICA email address.  Through accepting that invite (and a few other short steps), your licensing will be up and running, ready for use.  

Creative Cloud FAQs:

  • This software can be used on two computers at once, but it can be set up on many different computers.
  • To use this software on another computer, please download, install, and run the Creative Cloud desktop application onto your computer.  After opening the software, sign into the software with your Adobe ID, and you should be able to install and use the Adobe program(s) of your choice.
  • If your license is still good, and you bought a new computer or have lost access to your old one, you can follow the steps illustrated in the previous bullet point to get this software installed on your computer.
  • Adobe developed a "Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool" to help resolve installation issues that may arise when installing the Creative Cloud software.  It is a useful resource if you have encountered issues in installing this software on your computer.
  • One way to verify that you have the correct access set up is to log into your Adobe account at Adobe.com; after doing so, find the link (usually on the left side of the page) to "Manage Account.  After clicking that link, within  the "Plans and Products" section, if you have correctly set up your access to this software, you should see "Adobe Enterprise Account" listed.
  • If the Creative Cloud software says that you're running a trial version, please make sure that you're signing into the software using the correct Adobe account.  Use the steps in the previous bullet  point to make sure that your account has the appropriate licensing.  Once you know which account has the appropriate access in place, that's the account that should be used to log into the Adobe software.
  • If you're certain that your license is set up correctly, and the software seems to be running under a trial license, then you may need to follow the steps listed under item #3 of the section "Troubleshoot Connectivity Issues" on this Adobe support page.
  • Any further questions or requests for assistance with this software should be directed to MICA's Help Desk: Help@mica.edu / (410) 225 - 2201.

This page was last updated on 06/28/2018.