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Exam Proctoring Guidelines

The Learning Resource Center offers exam proctoring, for students who have documented disabilities, and for whom exam accommodations are approved, providing student requests for exam accommodations and faculty support for such requests occur in a timely fashion. The LRC requires that students request exam accommodations 7 (seven) full days before the date of the exam.

Exam Proctoring Guidelines


  • Must request exam accommodations in person at the LRC at least 7 (seven) full days before the date of the exam
  • We urge students, whenever possible, to make arrangements for extra time with their professors
  • If arrangements with professors are not possible, then the LRC may be able to step in


  • If the LRC is to proctor the exam, we require cooperation from faculty, especially if we need to reserve a classroom, audio/visual equipment such as a projector, a computer to operate a PowerPoint presentation, and/or the time of an audio/visual staff member
  • For PowerPoint and other multi-media presentations we require a demonstration beforehand and a CD / burned copy of the exam
  • In the cases of all LRC-proctored exams, we require complete exam instructions in advance, along with details on how the exam will be delivered to the LRC and picked up, once the exam has concluded
  • It may pay to make a brief announcement in class two weeks prior to an exam -reminding all students that an exam is on the horizon, and encouraging LRC students to request accommodations as soon as possible
  • We must have 6 (six) days of lead time with faculty, especially if the exam requires considerable preparation
  • If a faculty member intends to schedule an exam during the first half of class, and present new material during the second half of class, an LRC student (who may be entitled to extra time) may miss the new material if he/she is required to take the exam at the same time as his/her peers
  • In instances where extra time is required, the LRC recommends that, instead of potentially forcing LRC students to miss new material presented in class, faculty create an alternate version of the exam and allow the student to take the exam at a separate time

If requirements (above) are not met

  • The LRC may be unable to proctor the exam
  • Students may have to take the exam during normal class times without exam accommodations
  • Faculty may have to offer the extra time and other accommodations themselves or through their departments

This page was last updated on 01/22/2018.