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Drill Press

Tool Safety and Operation

  1. Wear proper personal protection equipment: Safety glasses or face shield are required. Wear hearing protection that is appropriate for the level and duration of the noise in the tool room. A dust mask is recommended. Do not wear gloves.
  2. Wear proper apparel: No loose fitting clothes or neckties. No loose jewelry. Long hair must be covered or tied back. Non-slip footwear is recommended.
  3. Keep the work area clean. Cluttered areas and benches invite accidents.
  4. Make sure the machine is stopped before adjusting the machine.
  5. Use only bits designed for use in a powered drill. Bits with feed screws, tang ends, or of excessive length should not be used.
  6. Lock the drill bit into the chuck tightly, using the chuck key and each of the holes in the chuck. The chuck key must be removed before turning on the power.
  7. The table must be set to the proper height for your operation and locked into place.
  8. Clamp all work to the table. Do not hold stock by hand. Maintain a six inch margin of safety.
  9. Withdraw the bit from the stock frequently to clear the shavings and cool the bit. Clear chips and shavings with a brush or stick when the machine is running.
  10.  Always drill into a backing board when drilling through stock.
  11. Make sure the rotating speed of the bit is set properly for your operation. Ask your instructor or the tech for help.
  12. When using a special set-up or a fly cutter, have your instructor or the tech check it before turning on the power.

DOWNLOAD PDF - Drill Press Safety Sheet