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Chop Saw

Tool Safety and Operation

  1. Wear proper personal protection equipment. Safety glasses or face shield are required. Wear hearing protection that is appropriate for the level and duration of the noise in the tool room. A dust mask is recommended. Do not wear gloves.
  2. Wear proper apparel. No loose fitting clothes or neckties. No loose jewelry. Long hair must be covered or tied back. Non-slip footwear is recommended.
  3. Keep the work area clean. Cluttered areas and benches invite accidents.
  4. Use the blade guard at all times.
  5. Secure the work. Do not free-hand any cutting operation. The stock should lie solidly on the table and against the fence.
  6. Do not overreach. Always keep proper footing and balance.
  7. Be sure all clamp handles are tight before starting any operation.
  8. Make sure that long work is supported by the table or an outboard tool rest.
  9. Do not allow anyone to stand behind the saw.
  10. Do not cut small pieces without clamping. Keep hands 6 inches or more from the blade.
  11. Do not reach around or behind saw blade unless saw is stopped.
  12. Do not reach underneath saw unless saw is stopped.
  13. Do not move either hand from the saw or work piece until saw is stopped.
  14. Allow motor to reach full speed before engaging the blade with the wood.
  15. Do not force the tool; allow the blade to move easily through the material.
  16. Remove any small scraps of wood that fall into the slot in the cutting table. This will help prevent those scraps from being thrown by the saw blade at dangerous speeds.

DOWNLOAD PDF - Chop Saw Safety Sheet