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Band Saw

Tool Safety and Operation

  1. Wear proper personal protection equipment. Safety glasses or face shield are required. Wear hearing protection that is appropriate for the level and duration of the noise in the tool room. A dust mask is recommended. Do not wear gloves.
  2. Wear proper apparel. No loose fitting clothes or neckties. No loose jewelry. Long hair must be covered or tied back. Non-slip footwear is recommended.
  3. Keep the work area clean. Cluttered areas and benches invite accidents.
  4. Both wheel guard plates must be on and closed before turning on the machine.
  5. Make sure all guards and blade guides are in place and properly adjusted.
  6. Adjust the upper assembly so that it is approximately 1/4" above the work.
  7. Stock must be held flat on the table, or otherwise jigged securely.
  8. Maintain a two-inch margin of safety. Keep your hands on either side of the blade, not in line with the blade.
  9. Use a push stick to feed small pieces through the saw and to remove scraps from around the blade.
  10. If a piece of wood falls into the slot in the table, shut the power off, wait for the blade to stop, and then remove the piece.
  11. Be aware of the possibility of binding the blade by trying to cut a curve of too small a radius. Make radial relief cuts before cutting a tight curve.
  12. Plan your cuts to avoid backing out of a long or complicated cut. If backing out cannot be avoided, move the material slowly and in line with the blade to avoid pulling the blade away from the upper assembly. It may be necessary to turn off the power to the saw, and back out the work piece after the blade has stopped moving.
  13. If a blade breaks, turn off the machine and move away until all motion stops. If you hear a rhythmic clicking noise, this may indicate a crack in the blade.
  14. Do not leave any saw running unattended.

DOWNLOAD PDF - Band Saw Safety Sheet