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CNC Mills

The dFab Studio has multiple CNC milling machines, each tailored to specific sizes and types of work. This range of equipment allows a great variety of materials and scales to be milled in the studio. Due to the complexities of these tools, access is typically limited to students who have taken a course that teaches the multiple aspects of their use.

CNC Router / Mills

MultiCAM Router

The MultiCAM router has a 49" x 97" x 3.5" cutting capacity, enabling it to cut full sheets of plywood, MDF, acrylic, and other materials.  This router can also mill aluminum and other non-ferrous metals in modest amounts.  With a knife attachment, this tool can cut fabric, paper, and other thin materials.

Haas VF-1

The Haas VF-1 has a 20"x16"x20" cutting capacity with a 30hp spindle capable of speeds ranging from 50rpm to 8100rpm. Combined with flood coolant and 20 tool umbrella style tool changer, this machine is capable of machining a variety of metals and plastics. 

Roland MDX 40

The MDX 40 is capable of highly precise milling of materials up to 12" x12" x 2".  This machine also has a 4th axis, enabling it to carve objects in the round.

Roland MDX 20

The MDX 40 is capable of highly precise milling of materials up to 6" x 8" x 2".