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About Advising at MICA

Faculty and Advising

Academic Advising recognizes that the strong connections that students develop with their faculty are an important aspect of their MICA experience. Our advising system is designed to complement those connections, with faculty acting as academic and professional mentors, while providing students with additional resources. We encourage you to cultivate productive relationships with your faculty, who can offer depth and expertise within their academic departments and professional fields.

Academic Advisors and Students: What Are the Expectations?

Academic advising is a two-way conversation, and student participation in the advising relationship is central to its success. Students with strong advising connections make the most of their learning opportunities at MICA and are active in shaping their educational experiences. We encourage you to meet frequently with your academic advisor, share information about yourself and stay invested in your academic planning. Understanding the roles that you and your academic advisor play, and your related responsibilities, will make for a better advising experience. We’ve outlined below the expectations we have of you as a student, as well as what you can expect from us.

What You Can Expect from Your Academic Advisor

  • To provide up-to-date and accurate information.
  • To understand and respect your legal right to the privacy of your academic records, and to discuss confidential information about you only with appropriate campus staff and only in service of your best interests.
  • To understand the curriculum, graduation requirements, and institutional policies.
  • To help you plan a course of study for each semester and for the long-term.
  • To neither grant nor deny approval for academic actions but assist you with the process.
  • To refer you to campus resources as your needs and goals are identified. Examples of resources include the Counseling Center, Learning Resource Center, Joseph Meyerhoff Center for Career Development, Office of Financial Aid and other offices at MICA, along with faculty, staff, and other students.
  • To seek to understand the particular concerns that affect your academic career, to review your options, and to arrive at possible resolutions.
  • To assist you in building an educational experience that is congruent with your life and career goals.
  • To help you take active and ultimate responsibility for your academic career.

What Your Advisor Expects from You

  • To make appointments in a timely manner and to be punctual for scheduled appointments.
  • To keep your address, telephone, and email information up-to-date with the College so you can be contacted.
  • To meet at least once per semester to review your progress towards graduation, and to discuss opportunities in your major, at MICA, and beyond MICA.
  • To be aware of and meet deadlines for registration, adds/drops, withdrawals, and other matters as listed in MICA's Academic Calendar; to become familiar with MICA’s academic policies and procedures as outlined in the Academic Bulletin.
  • To understand your major requirements and keep track of your progress toward graduation.
  • To be prepared for advising meetings by bringing academic records--transcripts, schedules, degree plans, and other pertinent advising materials.
  • To complete all academic paperwork, such as course substitutions and transfer credit approvals, as requested.
  • To share concerns that may affect your academic career.
  • To seek out information to meet your academic and long-term goals, and to share such information.
  • To take active and ultimate responsibility for your academic career.