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Past Exhibitions


MFA Thesis III

April 22-May 1, 2011

Featuring: Christina Beard (Graphic Design), Ariel Braverman (Mount Royal School of Art), Brendan Carroll (Hoffberger School of Painting), Ginny Huo (Rinehart School of Sculpture), Linling Lu (Hoffberger), Chris McCampbell (Graphic Design), Aaron Miller (Mount Royal), Katie Miller (Hoffberger), Camilo Sanin (Hoffberger), Wesley Stuckey (Graphic Design), Katie Taylor (Hoffberger), Timothy Thompson (Rinehart), Isabel Uria (Graphic Design), Virginia Wagner (Hoffberger School of Painting) and Krissi Xenakis (Graphic Design).


First Year III

April 22-May 1, 2011

Featuring: So Hyun An (Photo), Caroline Covington (Rinehart), Noel Cunningham (GD MFA), Jonathan Duff (Mount Royal), Rachel Held (Rinehart), Julie Horton ( Hoffberger), Rolando Gutierrez (GD MFA), Jessica Karle (GD MFA), Jonathan Latiano (Mount Royal), Aviv Lichter (GD MFA), Lloyd Lowe (Photo), Clara Kohn Marquez (GD MFA), Sean McDonough (Hoffberger), Eric Mortensen (GD MFA), Laini Nemett (Hoffberger), Margaret Rogers (Mount Royal), Adam Void (Mount Royal) and Cameron Zotter (GD MFA).

MFA Thesis II

April 8-17, 2011

Featuring: Darrell Appelzoller (Photographic & Electronic Media), Sunday Ballew (Photographic & Electronic Media), Libby Barbee (Mount Royal School of Art), Colin Benjamin (Mount Royal), Emily Campbell (Mount Royal), Woo Jin Chang (Mount Royal), Cindy Cheng (Mount Royal), Nancy Daly (Photographic & Electronic Media), Andrew Elberfeld (Photographic & Electronic Media), Elizabeth Herrmann (Graphic Design), Laura Hudson (Mount Royal), Adam Junior (Rinehart School of Sculpture), Katie Kehoe (Mount Royal), Ryan Shelley (Graphic Design) and Beth Taylor (Graphic Design).



First Year II

April 8-17, 2011


Featuring: Elizabeth Ashe (Mount Royal), Brian Conaty (Mount Royal), Madeline Cutrona (Mount Royal), Abraham Garcia (GD MFA), Alice Hom (GD MFA), Abdulmari Imao (Rinehart), Jin Hwan Kim (GD MFA), Sung-Hwa Kim (Hoffberger), William Knipscher (Photo), Grimm Lee (Mount Royal), Skye McNeill (GD MFA), Alison Miller (Hoffberger), Margaret Rorison (Photo), Branden Rush (Photo), Cheyenne Seeley (Mount Royal), Gavin Stewart (Photo), Heather Stratto (Photo), Arina Trifonova (Photo) and Jeffrey Vincent (Hoffberger).

First Year II

MFA Thesis I

March 25-April 3, 2011

Featuring: Lauren Adams (Graphic Design), Evan Boggess (Hoffberger School of Painting), Christopher Clark (Graphic Design), Seok Han (Photographic & Electronic Media), Wilson Hill (Photographic & Electronic Media), Hector Leiva (Photographic & Electronic Media), Ann Liu (Graphic Design), John McNeil (Photographic & Electronic Media), Sarah McNeil (Mount Royal School of Art), Wendy Tai (Rinehart School of Sculpture), Eli Walker (Hoffberger), Supisa Wattanasansanee (Graphic Design) and Erin Zerbe (Photographic & Electronic Media)

First Year I

March 25-April 3, 2011

Featuring: Rachel Beamer (Photo), Sean Bennett (Mount Royal), Misha Capecchi (Mount Royal), Michael Cor (Hoffberger), Jennifer Coster (Rinehart), Zoe Friedman (Mount Royal), Pablo Garcia-Lopez (Rinehart), Jessica Gibson (Photo), Timothy Hoover (GD MFA), Jennifer Kutnow (GD MFA), Kimberly Llerena (Photo), Travis Masingale (Photo), Chelsea Ragan (Mount Royal), Michal Rotberg (GD MFA), Cathleen Sachse (Mount Royal), Aura Seltzer (GD MFA), Zachary Storm (Mount Royal), Augusta Toppins (GD MFA) and Carly Witmer (Hoffberger).



January 28-March 13, 2011

In MICA Foundation Department Co-chair Dennis Farber's exhibition, he questions who will pass on the stories of victims of the Holocaust and other genocides. Memory gives people an emotional connection to the past, but even more, it makes sure a person no longer alive has not perished altogether. It preserves his or her existence. In the realm of genocide, keeping alive that memory can be a staggering proposition. Three thousand people were murdered when the towers fell on 9/11, yet on average during the Holocaust, 3,000 people perished every single day for six years. Photographs can be a way of recovering-and uncovering-those people by the memories that bathe their pictures. In photographs, it is possible to see generations, past and present, calling up notions of ancestor, family and clan. For Jews, but certainly not limited to them, in the 21st century with the knowledge of lost populations, pictures can be like a palimpsest: vague, fugitive and a powerful reminder.

The Album Project, 2010, collage, cabinet cards, and inkjet

The Narcississm of Minor Differences

December 9-March 13, 2011

Co-curated by Gerald Ross, Director of Exhibitions, MICA, Baltimore, MD and Christopher Whittey, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the College, Maine College of Art, Portland, ME. The Narcissism of Minor Differences, showcasing 18 acclaimed artists, including Francisco de Goya, Philip Guston, and Sam Durant, explores the dark side of intolerance using art, historical artifact, and documentation. Though more than 40 objects and four installations, the exhibition examines different types of intolerance by various groups: from the kind of intolerance that excludes to the type of intolerance that kills. A cell phone tour accompanies the exhibition.

Valerie Piraino: Fidelity

February 18-March 13, 2011

Valerie Piraino '04, based in New York City, works in installation, sculpture and photography. Using an archive of family slides, Piraino creates installations by distorting projected images through materials, such as picture frames, glass or mirrors. By reimaging and juxtaposing slides, Piraino asks what it is like to imagine someone's private life. She aims to recreate a fragmentary likeness of memory, believing this can be truer to life. For Piraino, these family slides present stories that can be heightened and dramatized by time, absence and nostalgia.

Dead Ringer, 2010, slide projector, slide, glass, frames, bolts, dimensions variable

Marc Andre Robinson '02: INHERITANCE

January 14-February 13, 2011

Marc Andre Robinson's artistic practice revolves around a situated awareness of historical, cultural and familial relations of belonging.
Robinson is interested in historically loaded objects, icons and images. Drawn toward the banal and often discarded furniture of daily life, Robinson distills the hidden power relations embedded within these everyday things. Depriving commonplace objects of their historical innocence, Robinson exposes the historic struggles of race, class, and gender that silently shape their perception. These gestures of de-sublimation in which we perceive the mechanisms through which the brutal debris of the past is swept into the present, disturbs our sensory habits and forces us to question the routine. Even if temporary, such awareness generates the potential for a critical reappraisal of our surroundings, and the entangled historical and biographical narratives that frame our apprehension.

Detail of OuPop's Arch, Wood, 261x235x36", 2011


December 9, 2010-January 9, 2011

Joseph Lewis III 89', who creates art based on the theory that a practioner can act as change agent, broadly reviews intolerance through representational digital prints.

Juried Undergraduate Exhibition

October 28-November 21, 2010

 Jurors: Phillipa Hughes, Founder, The Pink Line Project and René Treviño, Exhibtions Coordinator, School 33 Art Center
The work in this annual exhibition is a selection of the best submissions from MICA undergraduate students. From hundreds of entries, a variety of works will be chosen based on artistic merit, creativity, and vision

David S. East: Crown

October 22-November 14, 2010 

Crown will feature new installation-based works by Ceramics Department Chair David S. East. Driven by generic real estate images, plebian architectural ornamentation, and utilizing search engine responses in image generation, this exhibit will combine new fabrication technologies, ceramics, and mixed media formats.


Sabbatical Exhibition

August 26-September 12, 2010

The Sabbatical Exhibition showcased the work of faculty members who took a semester away from MICA during the 2009/10 academic year to explore new themes, develop old ones, or collaborate with other artists and designers.

Foundation Exhibition

August 20-September 12, 2010

Timed to coincide with arrival of the first-year students, MICA's Foundation Exhibition is one of the college's most highly regarded student shows. The exhibition featured work by rising sophomores made during the 2009/10 academic year. MICA's groundbreaking foundation program introduces all students to the fundamentals of visual arts, giving them a cornerstone upon which they can build their careers.