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Compiles subscription & in-house image databases, plus how-to-use information

Academic Search Premier

This database has thousands of images, many of which are taken from journalistic archives. You can find a picture of just about anything and anyone, but don't expect to find much artwork.

How to use:
Click on "More" and select "Images" from the drop-down menu. Simply enter a word or words in the search box and click Search. Use Boolean operators such as "And" and "Or" to narrow or broaden your search.

AP Images

Primary source images and media for research, available to download for use in design projects. Provides over 4.6 million photographs from 1826 to current; tens of thousands of graphics; more than 4,500 hours of audio files dating from the 1920’s; news stories and headlines dating from 1997. Content is provided by The Associated Press.

Art Source

Use Art Source to find images that appear on the pages of art-related journals.

How to use:
Select Artist and Work from the "Select a Field" drop-down menu, then type the artist's last name into the first search box and, and keyword/s from the artwork title into the second search box and click Search.

Art Museum Image Gallery

The Art Museum Image Gallery has over 96,000 images of art from international museum sources. Each image is fully described and is rights-cleared for educational use. It has excellent coverage of 20th Century Art.

How to use:
Use the drop-down menu to the right of the search box to make the search more specific. Choose Title if some title words are known and Artist if the artist is known.


ARTstor has nearly 1 million digital images that can be magnified for greater detail. Most of the images represent the canon of Art History.

How to use:
Click Enter Here on the top-right of the page. Enter search terms such as artist name or title words in the search box to the left. Use the Advanced Search by entering search terms in the first box on the left. Use the drop-down menu on the right to choose a search of the title field or the creator field. The default search of "in any field" will search such fields as material, repository, site, culture, etc. Additional search terms can be added using the boxes directly underneath. The drop-down menus to the left of those search boxes allow the use of Boolean operators (And, Or, Not). Double-click an image from the results page for a larger size or double-click a caption for more information on the image.

Berg Fashion Library

Searchable access to an expanding range of Berg content collections – including the Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion online, e-books, reference works, images, and much more.

Dover Art Series

This is a searchable visual index to Dover Art series books held at Decker Library. It contains ~150 titles, with 2 images for each book.

How to use:
Use the drop down menu to the left of the search box to choose how a Dover title will be searched. Use "Contains" to search any combination of letters or words that may be in the title or "Starts with" to search for the word or letters at the beginning of a title. The "check availability" link next to each call number allows you to quickly view the book's Decker Library catalog record to see if the book is currently available.

Grove Art Online

Oxford Art Online has about 6,000 images and 40,000 image links among its thousands of entries on everything related to art.

How to use:
Enter search terms in the "Search for images only" search box and click "SEARCH." From the results, click on an image or the citation hyperlink. A link to the articles that reference the image will appear to the right and the image on the left can be enlarged. The Advanced Search has the option of including image links with the results. Click "Advanced Search" and then click the "Image Search" tab. Enter search terms and check "Links to images on other webites."