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Exhibition Policies

Scheduling Exhibitions

Faculty and staff may reserve the display cases in the Decker Library for exhibitions of library materials, art works created by a class, or their own art work, with priority given to class work and library materials. Library display cases are intended primarily for exhibits relating to the visual arts. The Director of the Decker Library determines whether an exhibition will be scheduled. The length of scheduled exhibitions will be for a minimum of two weeks and up to a maximum of six. Please check the online exhibitions calendar for an open time slot then contact library staff at the circulation desk to reserve a time; scheduling of exhibitions will be on a first come, first serve basis.

The primary time set aside for shows of student work is the last month of each semester and additional available times can be viewed on the exhibitions calendar.

The display area is restricted to the two cases in the upper level and one case in the lower level of the library. Exhibit items cannot be hung on the walls of the library. Preferred objects for display in this area are books, flat paper works and small 3-dimensional objects. Not all types of art can be displayed in the cases due to size restrictions.

The dimensions of the cases are as follows:
For the two cases on the upper level: 64" (L) x 31" (W) x 6" (H)

For the one case on the lower level: 55" (L) x 14" (W) x 78" (H)
The lower level case is equipped with 4 glass shelves spaced 14" - 16" apart.

The Library does not carry insurance for personal items on display, and the library staff cannot assume responsibility for works on display.

All exhibitors must observe the following requirements:
Promotion: Faculty members are encouraged to provide an image and accompanying text to be posted along with the exhibition announcement on the library website, as well as a list of the participating artists. The image should be in .jpg format and 400 pixels in the largest dimension.

Hanging items: No nails, glue, masking tape, or scotch tape may be used in the display cases.

No painting: No part of the cases may be painted.

Pads: Pads should be used under works of art when necessary to avoid scratching the cases.

Labels: Flat labels mounted on foam-core or cardboard are recommended. Self-adhesive labels should not be used for display labels. They leave a residue that cannot be removed or painted over.

Continuity: The items on display are expected to stay on display for the entire exhibition period. If a piece is needed for another purpose during the display period, it should not be included unless it can be replaced by another work. At no time other than during the installation should the display look incomplete or unfinished.

Receptions: Receptions are at the discretion of the Director of the Decker Library. Due to the elevated noise levels during receptions - the preferred times would be either Friday or Saturday evenings, when the library is closed. The Library cannot be used as a kitchen during the reception. The exhibitor is required to clean the area after the reception. No food or other debris should be left.

Installing/Uninstalling: A full-time library staff member must be present during the installation and de-installation of the work and this time should be scheduled in advance. Exhibitors should leave the cases clean.

Ignoring the rules: The Library reserves the right to remove displays that do not conform to these rules.

Please direct any questions regarding the use of the display cases to library staff:
Allison Fischbach, Circulation Assistant | (410) 225-2292

Viewing and Checking out Materials

Circulating books on display in the museum cases are available for immediate checkout. Please see a staff member at the circulation desk to request a book from the cases.

For books on display from the Special Collections (CAGE), please see a reference librarian.

Museum Case Diagrams

Decker Library Museum Case Diagram

Decker Library Museum Case Diagram 2

Printable PDF files for these diagrams:
Upstairs Cases
Downstairs Case