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Collections Use

Classes are invited to schedule research opportunities whether it's with a librarian or not -- to use the main collection or special collections.

Because of the heavy use of the Digital Library and main areas of the Library, classes may only be scheduled if they are here to use the library collection for research.

Drop-ins to do research on your own are welcome yet scheduling is advised so that we might reserve a space for you. To learn more please contact the Information Desk at 410-225-2273 (ext. 2273 on campus) or refer@mica.edu.

Examples of the teaching materials that are often consulted here are:

  • Artists' Books - The library's teaching collection of artists' books is available for group class visits. Please consult the Book Arts Catalog to choose items for your class and email the list to the library in advance. Artists' books are also available for individual in-house use by any visitor to the library, up until 30 minutes before closing time.
  • Josef Albers' Interaction of Color (1963) - This title is frequently used in the Elements of Visual Thinking curriculum; the library has two copies of this portfolio of silk-screened pieces demonstrating Albers' color theories. One set is complete and can be consulted only in groups facilitated by a faculty member. The second set is incomplete and can be used in-house by any individual visitor to the library. There is also an iPad available for faculty to check out for in-house use in order to present the Interaction of Color mobile app (which is installed on the iPads). Registration is required for borrowing the iPad; please refer to this document for registration details, or email refer@mica.edu for more information.
  • Reference Books - The Library's reference collection contains comprehensive resources on a wide variety of subjects, including catalogues raisonne for important artists, design and illustration annuals, and guides to museum collections.

Click here to schedule a class visit.

This page was last updated on 08/11/2016.