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POP Survey #4: What is your favorite journal or magazine & why?

That's "POP" for popular! Here’s the place on our website where surveys asking your opinions or suggestions will appear from time to time. We want to hear from you - - whether you’re a student, staff or faculty member.

My favorite journal or magazine is . . .

  • Interview Magazine
    "Warhol was a genius!"
  • Black and White Photography magazine
    "Great publication with articles for students and professionals."
  • Andy Warhol Prints
    "I enjoy printmaking and looking at prints in general. Also Warhol's prints are great with his use of color."
  • National Geographic
    "... because the photography is amazing."
    Decker Library has years 1919 - current
  • Frieze Contemporary Art
    Decker Library has years March 2000 - current
  • Time out NY
    "I like reading the 'on the street' profile at the back of the magazine each week!"
  • The New Yorker
    "... because of its interesting articles and amusing cartoons."
    Decker Library has years 1984 - current
  • mental_floss
    "I love trivia, odd bits of history, and new scientific discoveries. Smart and funny."
  • The Atlantic
    "... or the New Yorker, for the variety of quality and in-depth articles."
    Decker Library has years 2009 - current
  • dfa Sports and Fitness magazine
  • Fast Company
    "... to learn about the latest in creative people and ideas running 'round the world."
    Decker Library has access to full text in Business Source Premier database; years 11/2000 - current
  • The Believer
    "Eclectic topics... love Nick Hornby's column and original art carried out throughout the issue."
    Decker Library has years 2006 - current
  • The Journal of Decorative and Propaganda Arts
    Decker Library has years Spring 1986 - 2005