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How to Register an Internship

Internship must be officially registered before you begin working.

Review the steps to register your internship below. The key is to plan ahead and to allow enough time for the approval of your internship prior to your first day of work.

1. Find Your Internship!

Review these resources if you need help finding an internship that aligns with your professional goals.

2. Read Internship Eligibility & Frequently Asked Questions

Read these helpful tips for more information about receiving school credit for an internship experience at MICA. F-1 international students - review Internships for International Students.

3. Attend the Mandatory Internship Orientation

Required for any student seeking credit for an internship. Plan to attend the Internship Orientation at least two weeks before the internship begins to give yourself enough time to submit the contract and have it approved. The Orientation will give you access to the digital Learning Contract.

4. Complete the Learning Contract through www.MICAnetwork.com

The Learning Contract is the agreement between you, the internship site, and MICA, outlines the terms of your internship. The contract documents when the internship begins and ends, your job responsibilites, and your goals of the experience. It is a digital form submitted online through www.MICAnetwork.com prior to the start of the internship. Learning Contracts should be submitted only after you have been offered the internship.

5. Approval of Internship

The Learning Contract is reviewed by multiple parties to ensure the internship is a legitimate, intentional, learning experience that aheres to MICA's standards and guidelines. The Learning Contract must be approved by you, your Internship Supervisor, Department Chairperson/Program Director and the Career Development office prior to your start date. All parties reserve the right to deny a contract if they do not feel it is an appropriate experience.

You may not begin working until you receive confirmation from the Career Development office that your internship has been approved by all parties. The automated approval process is managed through MICAnetwork, where each approver reviews the Learning Contract and submits their approval electronically.  The approval can be very quick, but typically takes about a week to process.

6. Register Your Credits

Know the Add Deadline of the semester you want the credit applied to. Review MICA's Academic Calendar for semester deadline dates. Career Development will register you for your internship credits on the semester you've indicated on your Learning Contract. Review your class schedule! Be sure to leave enough room in your schedule to accommodate your 3 internship credits!

7. You May Now Begin Working!

Once you receive confirmation from Career Development that your internship has been approved, you are free to begin working! Should you have any questions along the way do not hesitate to contact Career Development at 410-225-2420 or careerdevelopment@mica.edu.

This page was last updated on 12/12/2017.