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Internships provide a valuable opportunity for students to network and gain professional experiences within industries of interest before leaving MICA. 

The Joseph Meyerhoff Center for Career Development can help you identify appropriate opportunities in art and design fields. Students may receive 3 credits for a structured and approved internship, and gain up to 6 credits toward graduation. To seek credit for an experience, students must register their internship prior to their start date. Details on securing and registering an internship can be found below.

How to Find an Internship

1. Prepare Your Materials
Prepare your resume and cover letter, along with a portfolio website. 

2. Search for Opportunities How to Find an Internship Icon
Research different opportunities that fall in line with your career goals using our How to Find an Internship microsite.

3. Apply & Follow Up
Apply to opportunities you are interested in. Be sure to follow up with the sites you've contacted.

4. Interview
Check out our interview tips online, or if time allows set up a mock interview with Career Development.

5. Register for Credit (optional)
Review How to Register an Internship.

How to Register an Internship

Follow these steps if seeking school credit for your experience.

1. Attend an Internship Orientation
Attend before the internship begins. Required for any student seeking credit for an internship.

2. Submit the Learning Contract
The Learning Contract is submitted digitally through www.MICAnetwork.com before the internship begins. Late contracts will not be accepted.

3. Approval of Internship
The internship must be approved by Career Development, the internship site, and the student's department prior to the start date.

4. Register Your Credits
Be sure to leave room in your school schedule to accommodate your internship credits!

For Employers

1. Hosting an Intern
Learn more about hosting a MICA intern.

Internship Programs Under The Fair Labor Standards Act

Registration Deadlines

Fall 2018: September 10* (to receive fall credit)
Spring 2019: February 4* (to receive spring credit)

Summer 2019: July 15

*Students registering their internships after the fall/spring deadlines will be required to add their course credit to a future semester.

Eligibility & FAQ's

Read MICA's Internship Policies and Requirements to ensure you are eligible to complete an internship for credit, and that your internship experience qualifies. Get answers to frequently asked internship questions.

Internships for International Students

Students attending MICA on an F-1 visa must follow specific instructions to register their internships in the U.S. with the federal government.