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Lauren H., '10 Graphic Design

Internship Success Story

Lauren Hastings, '10 Graphic Design


Boston, MA

Gilah Press + Design

Baltimore, MD

Let’s go back a few semesters ago to March 2008. I was a sophomore and encompassed every definition of what sophomoric means. I was on the fence about applying for an internship since I had barely any real world experience and was still getting comfortable in my major. I asked around to my professors, wondering if any of them knew of any internship position in Boston, MA. Brockett Horne, whom I had that previous semester, told me that a friend of hers and recent part-time faculty member was a designer there at PUMA. About a week later I was talking with another teacher after class and mentioned that I was considering PUMA as an internship possibility, and she told me that she knew a designer there as well and would put a word in for me. I finally made contact with the team at PUMA and scheduled an interview. Walking into the PUMA office was like walking onto the set of a photo shoot…shoes everywhere! During my interview I was quite nervous and dressed like I was testifying in a courtroom…I felt like I blew it. Later that week I got a call back to come in for a second interview, this time much more relaxed and prepared (resumes for everyone at the table, I was wearing PUMA shoes and actually planned out how I was going to present my work). A few days later I got a call back saying that I got the internship position and to report the following Monday.

The experience with PUMA's design team was great. The internship taught me that I can hold my own in a high-pressure deadline environment The most valuable thing I learned was how to communicate and open up to people. I would highly recommend any graphic design major in the Boston area to intern there. Which leads me to my next internship search.

Starting in February 2009, I began searching for my summer internship. With PUMA now under my belt and having had practice with other designers talking about my work during the Flexible Design class, I went into my summer internship search confident. Junior year was a huge growing year for me not only professionally, but personally too. I interviewed with quite a few Baltimore design studios and was first pick across the board. This summer I am at Gilah Press + Design. It has been a wonderful experience and fulfilling to see your design from start to execution. It just goes to show you that if you focus and stay driven big things will happen…and it always helps to have connections to put your foot in the door.