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Employer Testimonials

"Our interns work on real projects with real deadlines.  The collaboration is rewarding for both the interns and our studio: the students offer fresh perspectives while gaining experience working on client-based projects."

"MICA grooms a high calibre student, with design integrity and forward thinking.  At Under Armour we rely heavily on the emerging talents coming out of MICA."
-Under Armour

"The work was spectacular and the students were as serious as could be about it."
-Illustrator's Club of Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia

"MICA students are enthusiastic, well-prepared, and dedicated to their internship projects.  They have all been wonderful and I know that they will succeed in the art and museum worlds!"
-The Walters Art Museum

"Their portfolios were breathtaking! I must say I was amazed at the vareity of expression in each student.  I indeed found some great candidates."
-Discovery Communications