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Institutional Surveys & Data

Institutional Surveys & Data Sources that support the Assessment of Student Learning

Listed below are data sources incorporated into MICA's analyses utilized to evaluate student learning and achievement. While not exhaustive, the list samples the range of assessment activities that occur on a regular basis throughout the College and are used to measure and communicate progress on a variety of levels of operation. Indirect measures, such as these listed below, are regularly reviewed and evaluated to supplement and inform the results from direct assessment of student learning. Please contact the Assessment Committee if you would like to use any of these data sources for assessment.

The following are descriptions of reports by Area of the College:


Weekly updates for Admission and Enrollment Goals (Admission)

Enrollment Projections/Admissions Goals A series of enrollment and attrition reports created to support deliberations on projecting enrollment for next year's budget. A significant part to this process is the Admissions Goals Report that details the anticipated number of new undergraduate and graduate students for future semesters.

Benchmark Enrollment Data Headcount and FTE statistics for all undergraduate departments and graduate programs as of the benchmark dates for the fall and spring semesters used to monitor various facets of enrollment.

Attrition/Retention Reports A variety of reports are generated in order to monitor the progress of fall-to-fall and fall-to-spring attrition by class level and for comparing these rates to the previous year's and the six-year average. These reports also support deliberations on projecting enrollment for next year's budget.

Academic Affairs

Graduating Student Survey For undergraduates and graduate students participating in May's Commencement, this survey is designed to gather student impressions of academic outcomes and services/programs. The results allow the general MICA community to examine potential strengths and weaknesses.

Faculty Course Evaluations Student perceptions of their experience with a course.


Budget Projections for Faculty and Board Committees

Student Affairs

Transfer Reports Various transfer student attrition and graduation rate reports by class level, race/ethnicity, gender, and housing status that are used to inform the retention committee about the success of initiatives in various offices.

NSSE: The National Survey of Student Engagement asks freshmen and seniors at hundreds of Colleges and universities to reflect on the time they devote to various learning activities; the question topics are linked to previous research on student success in college.

SNAAP The Strategic National Arts Alumni Project generates rich, detailed information about the lives and careers of people with intensive training in the arts and allows comparisons to be made between similar types of schools.

First Destination Survey is administered by Career Development to former students 6-months after the completion of undergraduate and graduate programs. This survey collects employment data and information on their professional development.