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Annual Assessment Cycle

Assessment Cycle

Program Assessment Cycle

All programs at MICA follow these steps as part of their program assessment plans:

1. a. Clearly articulate program learning outcomes that align with institutional or divisional learning outcomes and the mission of the College.
b. Clearly articulate course learning outcomes in the syllabus for every course within a program aligned with the program learning outcomes.
2. Develop a curriculum map that identifies where learning outcomes are being met in the program and where they are assessed.
3. Design assessment strategies and instruments that identify the criteria and performance measures for specific learning outcomes.
4. Collect direct and indirect evidence as a basis for the evaluation of student learning using assessment tools such as rubrics/checklists. Collate, analyze and compare the data findings from this scoring process.
5. Analyze assessment results to identify program strengths, areas to improve, innovations in program delivery, and ways to maintain quality.
6. Utilize assessment data to inform decisions regarding program changes and improvements, including requests to support new pedagogical approaches, enhanced learning spaces, or other resources.
In addition, programs will:
7. Document outcomes from the assessment process in an annual assessment report that details the student learning outcomes assessed, the measures and methods used for assessment, an analysis of the data gathered, and a discussion of the changes considered to meet goals for student attainment in the program.
8. Archive the assessment tools (plans, rubrics, surveys, analyzes) together with examples sets of student work identified as low, mid, and high achievement, to the Assessment Archives by June 1 each year.
9. Write a narrative describing the three-year program assessment plan that includes a timeline for assessment and describes the plan for assessing all program outcomes on a three-year cycle.