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Assessment Coaches


Faculty Assessment Coaches are assigned to academic programs to support department chairs, graduate directors and program faculty with the implementation of their program assessment plans. Each coach receives a stipend to work with approximately three academic programs on a one-on-one basis through the steps of the assessment process including: an audit of current program assessment practices; the development of program assessment plans, tools and methodologies (i.e. writing rubrics, identifying sample sizes, collecting and scoring student work, analyzing results); and the writing of program assessment reports. At the end of the assessment cycle, assessment coaches work in pairs to conduct the "assessment of the assessment" or a review of the program level assessment for each area using a rubric with the documentation submitted to assessment archives for each program.

There are staff assigned as Assessment Coaches to support administrative offices in Academic Services and Student Affairs who are participating in the assessment of student learning.

Assessment Coach responsibilities:

  • Is familiar with MICA's annual assessment cycle, forms, templates, resources and deadlines for the assessment of student learning for the year.
  • Attends at least two assessment workshops or lectures as part of professional development. 
  • Supports programs with the planning and implementation of the annual assessment cycle.
  • Provides 1:1 assessment help to assigned department chairs, program directors, and faculty in the division.
  • Assists chairs and directors with the design, development and refinement of assessment instruments and tools, such as rubrics. 
  • Guides programs with the identification of appropriate sample sizes, scoring, analysis of data and results of assessment. 
  • Acts as a resource in the division for chairs, directors, and/or faculty for assessment.
  • Provides feedback to the Assessment Committee from their observations and work with the program-level assessment in their division. 
  • Work in pairs to conduct the "assessment of the assessment" at the end of the annual assessment cycle.

NOTE: Assessment coaches are not expected to do the work of assessment for faculty and staff. The faculty and staff leadership in a given area is responsible for participating in assessment.

2016-17 Assessment Coaches

Crystal Shamblee
Karen Carroll 
Donna Basik

Stephen Hendee

Fine Arts
Mat Karas (3D areas)
Christine Neill (2D areas)

Liberal Arts
Elizabeth Wagenheim (Humanistic Studies)
Paul Jaskunas (Humanistic Studies)
Jenny Carson (Art History)

Design & Media
Jay Gould (Photography) 
Steve Meneely (Animation, Interactive Arts)
Maureen Weiss (Graphic Design/Architecture) 
Allan Comport (Illustration / Printmaking)

Academic Services
Alisha Green