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DEIG Integration at MICA



Date: April 20, 2018

From: Co-chairs of Presidential Task Force on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Globalization

Samuel Hoi, President
Clyde Johnson, Assistant Dean for Diversity and Intercultural Development
Colette Veasey-Cullors, Chair, Photography Department

To: MICA Community

Subject: Finalization of the Task Force Report & Formation of the Accountability Monitoring Group

Dear faculty, staff, students, and trustees,

On behalf of the Presidential Task Force on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Globalization, we as co-chairs proudly present the Task Force's Final Report that has incorporated the campus community input of general feedback and specifically the success scenarios. The summary of the community input, along with all relevant prior campus communications, can be found on the DEIG Integration at MICA site.

While the Task Force sunsets with the finalization of this report, the most meaningful journey of integrating diversity, equity, inclusion and globalization (DEIG) at MICA is just beginning. Since its inception, the Task Force has worked with the Board of Trustees, administration leaders, student groups, staff, and faculty to advance the support of the welfare, safety and success of MICA community members of all backgrounds. The DEIG Work Plan in the Final Report, reaching into all aspects of College education and operation, aims to cement and sustain a powerful integration of DEIG at MICA.

To evidence the fullness of campus alignment around DEIG, the Task Force members' signatures to this report are joined by the endorsing signatures of members of the senior staff, Board of Trustees, Student Voice Association leadership, Faculty Executive Committee, and Staff Enrichment Council.

As promised, a DEIG Integration Accountability Monitoring Group (AMG), with broad representation of leaders from various college constituency groups has been formed. The AMG will act as an internal auditor to monitor and ensure MICA's DEIG progress.

The inaugural membership of the AMG is as follows:
• 2015-2017 Task Force Co-Chairs (Samuel Hoi, Clyde Johnson, Colette Veasey-Cullors)
• Provost (David Bogen)
• Vice President of Student Affairs (Mike Patterson)
• Board of Trustees Chair (Gwen Davidson)
• Director of Equity and Deputy Title IX Coordinator, Human Resources (Awo Ansu)
• Assessment Committee Leader, Academic Affairs (Terra Schehr)
• Student Voice Association (SVA) Leadership Representative (Joseph Orzal)
• Black Student Union (BSU) Leader (Amir Khadar)
• Two Identify-Based Student Organization Leaders (Vian Nguyen for ASA and Emily Rosenthal for OY)
• Faculty Executive Committee (FEC) Leadership Representative (Kerr Houston)
• Staff Enrichment Council (SEC) Co-Chair (Samantha Brodowski)
• Alumni Council Member (Sam Christian Holmes)

The inaugural AMG is co-led by Clyde Johnson and a non-senior staff member to be elected at the first meeting. Since the group is charged to hold the College accountable, the president and vice presidents will refrain from serving as a AMG co-chair.

To accomplish its monitoring work, the AMG will assess and review data and information such as relevant benchmarks used in various annual reports, curricular evolution, ILOs/PLOs and related assessment, faculty and staff diversity hiring data, etc. The AMG can also design and guide data collection vehicles such as a timed revisit of an external audit, climate surveys, etc.

The AMG will issue semestral (Fall and Spring) updates to keep the campus community informed (beginning in Fall 2018), as the Task Force has done during its working period.

Again, our DEIG work is critical and central to us as a community and to our purpose as an institution. Via a positive and inclusive shift in campus culture and a structuralization of policies and practices in the context of our educational mission, we seek to deploy DEIG as a catalyst for creativity, educational excellence, and responsible engagement.

This page was last updated on 04/20/2018.