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Sponsored Project Guidelines

A sponsored project is an initiative funded through an external source including private corporations, small businesses, nonprofit organizations, other academic institutions, foundations, venture philanthropists, entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, or federal, state, and local government agencies.

Through this site you wil find a summary of the fundamental policies that guide sponsored project activity and its administration at MICA. Faculty, staff, departments, and programs are encouraged to integrate sponsored project activity where it is feasible, practical, and contributes to the educational objectives of their programs or the college.

Sponsored Project Guidelines

Faculty and staff members wishing to do the following should refer to the Sponsored Project Guidelines:

  • Evaluate funding opportunities for research or projects
  • Learn MICA's process to vet a proposal for a sponsored project
  • Develop a proposal for a sponsored project or research
  • Gain insight into the logistics and/or develop a timeline for a sponsored project
  • Craft a memorandum of understanding (MOU), contract, or proposal/agreement between an outside partner (sponsor) and MICA
  • Establish an intellectual property agreement for an approved sponsored project
  • Set up a budget and account code for an approved sponsored project