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Faculty Expertise

Research at MICA is intended to explore and exemplify how art and design have significant and measurable impact on larger society and relevant industries. Learn more about the College's expertise and interests below. This list will be updated on an ongoing basis. To set up a media interview with one of the faculty members, please contact the Office of Communications at 410.225.2300 or news@mica.edu.

communication design, spatial and urban design, healthy lifestyles, prevention

Community/Urban Engagement:
community empowerment, urban revitalization, community planning, historic preservation, affordable and green housing, smart growth

  • Historic preservation - John Wilson, Michele Lamprakos

Intersections of Art, Design, and Technology:
information visualization, usability/interface design, serious games, fabrication technologies/methods, smart materials/textiles

Sustainability, Environment, and Energy:
design, communication, education, food issues (urban farming and food systems)

Intersections of Art, Design, and Science:
integrated informal education for STEM (STEAM), scientific visualization and neuroesthetics/neuroeducation



Race and Culture