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About the Center

The Center for Race and Culture (CRC) is an interactive Center that researches and investigate the dynamics of race, culture and it's relationship to visual art traditions and practice that will prepare students for leadership roles in the regional, national and international art world. The CRC is a site where scholars, doctoral candidates, artists, critics, musicians, actors and historians can research or create events, exhibitions, projects or performances that focus on the aesthetic dynamics of race and culture with the intent to break down racial barriers and build bridges of cultural understanding and meaningful and productive relationships.


  • The Center fosters a climate for continuous and constructive open dialogue at MICA and in the community.
  • The Center creates opportunities for students, faculty, staff and administration to explore the intersections of race and culture through the arts.
  • The Center  acts as a catalyst to ensure inclusion by exploring the multifaceted complexities of diversity and its implications in society, the mainstream art world and local communities.
  • The Center is a resource to support or sponsor of events, programs, workshops, curriculum offerings, conferences, symposiums, seminars, courses and exhibition initiatives that expand our understanding of race and culture in human history and contemporary society.
  • The Center produces publications and events (print/DVD) that document the research and projects of the Centers participants and staff that will become part of a permanent archive that supports the Center's research.