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Research at MICA


Research at MICA explores the ways creative practice and scholarship have significant and measurable impact on culture, society, communities, policy, commerce, education and health.

Often collaborating with Baltimore-based communities and organizations, MICA works across sectors to bring art and design together with public health, environmental studies, material science, community activism, or medicine, to explore problems that require transdisciplinary solutions and research.

With its history in art education, MICA continues to support research that investigates pedagogy and questions that arise out of the intersection of studio and classroom practice. MICA also works with partners to develop longer-term negotiated contracts led by faculty, or shorter-term "sponsored studios" in which students work on real world projects as part of coursework.

Research is coordinated through the College's three research centers: Design Practice, Design Thinking, and Art Education.

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Center for Social Design

Dedicated to inspiring and preparing the next generation of creative change makers, the Center for Social Design utilizes a human-centered and collaborative design process to understand and define social problems, identify opportunities, generate ideas, and make tools that support positive change.

Center for Design Thinking

The Center for Design Thinking publishes original research on graphic design. Its flagship graphic design textbook, The New Basics, has become a must-have text for designers and educators around the world, integrating formal design thinking with digital technology and contemporary media theory.

Center for Art Education

Studies conducted by graduate students in classroom or instructional settings are submitted for publication in peer-reviewed journals. Click here to find links to published articles and a list of investigations by theme. Nearly all students have presented their research at national conferences.

This page was last updated on 05/31/2017.