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Registration & Advising

Academic Advising

Academic Advising is an important part of a student's experience, and is integrated throughout all levels of a student's progress at MICA. Under the auspices of Enrollment Services, the advising offices are found in the Student Services Center located on the second floor of Bunting. Academic Advising is staffed by full-time professional advisors dedicated to working with all undergraduate students on making the most of their MICA education through the delivery of advising, mentoring, and enrollment services.

Foundation Year Academic Advising

Academic advising during the foundation year is provided by an assigned faculty advisor, who is an Elements of Visual Thinking instructor. Students therefore have weekly contact with their advisors, allowing for easy and regular communication of important information. Foundation faculty advisors serve as a source for general questions and concerns about coursework, academic programs, campus life, and other issues. This advising is supplemented by the foundation academic advisor, a professional staff advisor who is in close contact with other campus resources, and is dedicated to working with first-year students on a broad range of student life and academic matters. The foundation academic advisor assists students with registration and scheduling, transfer credit and advanced placement, understanding foundation requirements and degree programs.

Upperclass Academic Advising

Midway through spring semester of their first year, students are assigned to upperclass academic advisors and begin working with the new advisors on long-term planning and preparation for sophomore year registration. Upperclass advisors work with their students through the remainder of the students' academic careers at MICA, regardless of major. This continuity supports the development of a more substantial advising relationship.

Students are required to meet with their academic advisors at least once per semester in order to be eligible for the next registration period, and are encouraged to see their advisors on a frequent basis. Academic advisors support students' short-and long-term academic planning, clarifying career and life goals, explaining degree requirements, interpreting institutional policy, and navigating the campus community and its offerings. Students are responsible for making appointments with advisors, bringing appropriate records to advising meetings, understanding and tracking their progress toward graduation, and following through on necessary advising actions.

Office of Academic Advising

The Office of Academic Advising is charged with the administrative oversight of all students' academic progress. Each student's degree plan is reviewed at the conclusion of every semester to determine if he/she is meeting degree requirements in a timely and logical fashion. Transcripts of grades are also reviewed to determine academic standing. Students in academic jeopardy are notified by the Office of Academic Advising. Appeals for reinstatement to the program after dismissal are made to this office.

Students wishing to withdraw from school for any reason or who wish to take a leave of absence must meet with the Office of Academic Advising for an exit interview and to complete paperwork. Students returning to MICA from a leave of absence apply for readmittance through this office as well.


Students may register for courses through the online registration system during the registration period set in the academic calendar, usually beginning in November (for spring courses) and April (for fall courses). All students are provided with a registration appointment time, which is a designated date and time at which they may begin using the registration system. Students may continue to access this system to modify their schedules through the end of the add period. Undergraduates are required to meet with their academic advisor prior to accessing the online registration system. All freshmen will be registered by the Foundation Department advisor for both semesters of the freshman year, and may not make schedule changes without approval of the Foundation department chairs or academic advisor.

The Schedule of Courses is published twice per year prior to registration for the fall and spring semesters. Please Consult the Schedule for further registration instructions and details.

Important Considerations for Schedule Changes

It is the student's responsibility to be aware of degree requirements and the potential consequences that dropping/adding classes may have on their academic progress towards a degree. Dropping any required course could potentially delay graduation.

All students should be aware that a course load of 12-19.5 credits is considered full-time status. Any student who elects to drop below a 12-credit course load will be jeopardizing financial aid and scholarship monies, as well as student visa status for international students.

Any student wishing to take more than 19.5 credits in a semester will incur an additional tuition charge.

Students enrolled in the degree program are required to take a minimum of 6 credits per semester in order to be considered for financial aid. (Continuing Studies courses do not count toward the minimum 6-credit requirement.)

Medical Withdrawal from Courses

A medical withdrawal may be requested when extraordinary circumstances, such as a serious illness or injury, prevent a student from continuing classes. This policy covers both physical health and mental health difficulties. In addition, requests may be made in extraordinary cases in which a significant personal situation (for example, the serious illness of a child or spouse or the death of a parent, child or spouse) prevents a student from continuing in classes. Medical withdrawals may be considered when incompletes or other arrangements with instructors are not available, or when other options are not possible. All requests require thorough and credible documentation.

Usually, consideration is for a complete withdrawal; application for less than a complete withdrawal requires additional documentation to justify the selective nature of the request. Students should contact the Office of Student Affairs to acquire appropriate forms to apply for a medical withdrawal. However, completing the application process does not guarantee or ensure approval; each case is reviewed individually. Students approved to withdraw from all classes and the semester may be placed on a leave of absence and will need to follow readmittance application procedures to return to MICA. Please refer to Readmittance Policy.

Course Repeats

Courses may not be repeated for credit to fulfill degree requirements, except as designated in the course description. Exceptions may be approved by the department chairperson and must be recorded with the Office of Academic Advising.

In the case when a grade of "F" is earned, the course may be repeated until a passing grade and credit are earned. At that time, the failing grade(s) will be replaced with a repeat designation of "R" and will not be calculated into the grade point average. This policy may also apply to courses in which a grade of "D" is earned, but must be approved by the department chairperson.


Students may take a class for audit on a space-available basis. No credit is awarded; tuition is charged for each audited course. Students enrolled in class for credit may only change to audit status during the withdrawal period. Students may change from audit to credit status during the add period. No exceptions are made. It is required that students attend the class meetings for courses they are auditing. Instructors must change the status of the auditing student to withdrawal (W) if the student fails to attend class.

Transfer of Credit

Transfer of credit for transfer applicants is initially evaluated by the Office of Undergraduate Admission. Once matriculated, students must obtain prior approval to take courses at another institution from the appropriate departmental chairperson in writing. Courses must equate to semester credit hours. Upon successful completion of coursework and a minimum grade of C (grades of S/U, Pass/Fail are not accepted), students must provide an official transcript to the Office of Academic Advising. At that time, coursework will be transferred in with a grade of TR. All transcripts must be submitted by the close of the first semester of the senior year to avoid delay in graduation. Portfolio review for a studio course may be required.

Transfer Credit Policy
Matriculated students may transfer credit from accredited institutions according to the following policy:

  • Students must have the course pre-approved by the appropriate chairperson or academic advisor and submit a completed and signed Prior Approval for Transfer Credit form to Enrollment Services.
  • A minimum grade of “C” must be received for the awarding of transfer credit. No pass/fail or satisfactory/unsatisfactory courses are accepted.
  • Courses must be the equivalent of semester credit hours.
  • Students must make arrangements for the Office of Enrollment Services at MICA to receive an official copy of a transcript from the institution attended.
  • All transcripts must be submitted at least one month prior to next registration period or graduation to ensure appropriate academic status.
  • Portfolio of artwork (for studio course) may be requested for final approval by the necessary departmental chairperson at MICA.

Advanced Placement
MICA accepts Advanced Placement courses for credit from students who successfully pass the College Board AP Examination with scores of 4 or better. Transfer is contingent upon applicability to degree requirements.

International Baccalaureate
Students who have completed the IB Diploma or the individual examinations may be eligible for credit if they earn a score of 6 or 7 on the higher-level examinations. Students are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and awarding of credit is at MICA’s discretion. No credit will be awarded for the Art/Design Elective.

High School/College Dual Enrollment
Credit for college-level coursework completed in high school is not accepted for transfer credit.