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Procedures for Responding to Reports of Sexual Assault or Violence

12. Who to Contact

12.1 Emergency: Call 911

12.2 Seek Medical Assistance (Confidential):
On Campus - Student Health Services 410-225-4118
Mercy Hospital (offers free Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner [SANE] program) 410-332-9477
University of Maryland at Midtown (nearest hospital to MICA) 410-225-8000

12.3 Talk to Someone (Confidential):
Emergency: 443-423-3333; ask for "on-call counselor"
On Campus -MICA Counseling Center/Student Health Services: 410-225-2367
TurnAround Inc - counseling, advocacy, and 24 hour hotline
24 hour helpline: 443-279-0379
Appointments: 410-337-8111
Sexual Assault Centers - Baltimore City: 410-837-7000, Baltimore County 410-337-8111
Maryland Network Against - 1-800-634-3577, mnadv.org
National Domestic Violence - 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE), ndvh.org

Resources Available to Employees and Dependents (Confidential):
Health Advocate - 855-558-2004, members.healthadvocate.com

Report to Someone at MICA:
Title IX Coordinator - Estevanny Turns 410-225-2363
Title IX Deputy Coordinator - Michael Patterson 410-225-2422
Title IX Specialist - Jeannette Holian 410-225-2363
Campus Safety - 443-423-3333 or 410-225-2245

Report to Someone for a Criminal Investigation:
Baltimore City Police - 911 or 410-369-2411

Options for Changing Academic and Living Situations:
Student Development Specialist 410-225-2422

Support for Creating a Safety Plan, Acquiring Peace and Protective Orders, and Reporting to Law Enforcement:
Campus Safety - 443-423-3333or 410-225-2245

Legal Assistance (Confidential):
SALI (Sexual Assault Legal Assistance)
Legal services for civtims and survivors, www.mcasa.org/sali, 1-877-496-7254(SALI)

Women's Law Center of Maryland (Confidential):
Representation for protective orders, www.wlcmd.org, 410-321-8761

House of Ruth (Confidential):
Intimate Partner Violence Center, www.hruth.org 24 hour helpline: 410-889-7884, Legal office: 888-880-7884

12.2 Where to go for Medical Attention

Each of the following hospitals has a rape crisis protocol and the Maryland State Police Sexual Assault Evidence Kit.
• Mercy Hospital
(SAFE Exam)
301 Saint Paul Place
410-332-9477 (closest to MICA)
• Franklin Square Medical Center
9000 Franklin Square Drive
• Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC)
6701 North Charles Street

Additionally, transportation Mercy Hospital can be provided through Campus Safety at no charge via Campus Safety vehicle to and from Mercy Hospital. Please contact Campus Safety at 443-423-3333.

12.3 Sexual Assault Awareness - Educational & Counseling Programs

MICA provides an array of educational programs and resources aimed at reducing or eliminating sexual violence. Examples of such programs are as follows:
• Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) training for women
• Resisting Aggression with Defense training for men
• Bystander training
• "Safety Walk" program
• Intimate Partner Violence education
• "One is too Many" educational campaign
• Alcohol and other drug abuse education
In addition, written information on the topics listed above will be available to students along with published crime statistics. Students also have the opportunity for on-campus confidential assessment and counseling, and referral for treatment to off-campus, community-based counseling services.

12.4 Statistical Reporting of On-Campus Incidents

Since September 1, 1993, MICA, through its Campus Safety Guide, has published and distributed on-campus crime statistics, which include forcible and non-forcible sexual offenses, to all current students and employees. In addition, this document is provided to any applicant for enrollment or employment upon request. Anyone wishing more information is encouraged to contact the Office of Student Affairs, Admission Office, or the Human Resources

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