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Learning Resource Center

The LRC believes in the promise of all MICA students, those who have disabilities, and those who do not, and seeks to support them as they pursue the many benefits of their arts education. The LRC recognizes that college represents a period of transition between high school and other opportunities. In this period of transition, students who have disabilities should expect that some special education accommodations and services may not continue in college, and at the same time, students will be expected to participate more actively in the accommodations process. Students seeking accommodations and services must visit the LRC as soon as possible to register and submit documentation. Once documentation has been reviewed, and a student deemed eligible for services, the LRC can begin a formal program of support in cooperation with the student, professors, and/or College staff.

Students who have documented disabilities must visit the LRC each semester in order to continue their programs of support. In addition, the LRC seeks to assist all MICA students who may be struggling with such challenges as note-taking, study skills, and reading comprehension, as well as time management. To address these difficulties, the LRC offers one-on-one academic counseling and occasional workshops. Students are encouraged to set an appointment with an LRC learning specialist to discuss their academic difficulties and devise a plan of remedying them. The LRC recognizes the contributions that all MICA students can make to a vibrant arts campus. If we haven’t done so already, we welcome you to MICA and to our office, and look forward to working with you.

Learning Resource Center Contact Information:

  • Bunting 458
  • Phone - 410-225-2416
  • Fax - 410-225-4212
  • Email - LRC@mica.edu
  • www.mica.edu/learningresourcecenter
  • Hours - Monday through Friday: 8:30 am-4pm, subject to change

This page was last updated on 08/25/2017.