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Katie Hale


Printmaking Major
Book Arts Concentration
Culture & Politics Minor


Kansas City, Missouri
Notre Dame de Sion College Preparatory School

Katie did internships at a hand-printed wallpaper company and at an events planning firm. This practical experience with fast-paced creative businesses will help her after graduation, when she plans to "apply my creative skills in many different fields"-including fine art printmaking and events planning. Her long-term plan is to do graduate work in architecture or urban planning.

I think the strength of the liberal arts program at MICA is that it really builds a foundation for your studio work. You're encouraged to explore your interests through liberal arts classes and build an educated base for conceptual reasoning in your studio art. At a lot of art schools, a student would need a strong personal drive to pursue rigorous academic explorations, but MICA makes finding a passion to influence your visual art easier-because it offers such a wide array of liberal arts classes and faculty.

I discovered my interest in urban theory when I enrolled in a sophomore liberal arts course with Daniel D'Oca, and after that I took every class he offered at MICA and now have a minor in culture and politics. Dan is a partner in an urban design firm in New York, and he really passes on his interest and knowledge to the students he teaches. Dissecting why and how cities work was not something I thought I'd ever explore at art school, and I am so happy that I discovered Dan's classes. This interest, which grew out of the liberal arts classes I took at MICA, has turned into the driving conceptual force behind my art.

I make artwork about residential architecture. I think this is because I mark the important passages in my life with the structures that I inhabited during those times. My concentration in urban theory has given me a stronger voice and a more concise context for my work.