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Jessica White

Jessica White with friends

Double Major in Graphic Design and Environmental Design

Jessica transferred to MICA from Cazenovia College in New York. Her portfolio is available at www.jessicalynnwhite.com.

I've had a longtime interest in product and interior design. My environmental and graphic design courses at MICA with professors like Inna Alesina, Rosemary Conroy, and John Wilson have taught me to integrate these interests with my existing knowledge of graphic design. As a result, my work began shifting from a focus on print design to the design of patterned objects for the home. Although my high school teachers had recommended MICA, I wanted to get away from home, and opted for a liberal arts college. I transferred after a year because I knew I needed a more focused design education.

I couldn't be more pleased with the marriage between my design and liberal arts studies at MICA. I've learned that all design is interconnected. My long-term goal as a multi-disciplinary designer is to establish a self-branded company specializing in home furnishings. It would be a dream for my name to mean something in the industry one day. Great professors and networking resources are essential to getting your career started-in my own personal experience, I've found that it's also essential to have self ambition in order to succeed.

I credit most of my success at MICA to a summer internship I landed in New York City with Jonathan Adler. I was able to utilize the lessons I'd been learning in my classes and it supercharged my desire to join two-dimensional art with three dimensional forms. That summer I established relationships with the designers that promised future work. We keep in touch to this day. I also interned at Shaw Jelveh Design, a Baltimore studio which provides a variety of design services. The principals are highly educated and trained in architecture. They've been extremely influential to my design thinking and process. It was much easier to envision my own career path at this smaller studio, compared to Jonathan Adler's empire. It felt within reach, the sort of thing I could see myself handling in the near future.

Having a website and putting my work out in the design world, I've gained the attention of several freelance clients, and I've done work for such clients as Scholastic Books, the Baltimore City Health Department, Darling Office, and Charlotte Martin. I've also been featured on respected design blogs, and I've seen the benefit of promoting myself within the digital world. I believe we should take advantage of technology to communicate with people from all over the world.