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Andrew Blaize Bovasso

Nonestic Ocean

Jersey City, New Jersey
Hudson Catholic Regional High School

Andrew first picked up a camera as a high school student watching the events following September 11, 2001, unfold across the Hudson River. He plans a master's in art therapy. He's currently exhibiting his work in New York and New Jersey, and continuing a long-term photographic project revisiting Jersey City locations shot by Dan McNulty from 1940 to 1960.

An education at MICA is all encompassing--everything here infuses your artwork.  My liberal arts classes sparked art projects I  never could have conceived if I didn't have that knowledge.  Two of my most influential courses were Deep Ecology-which got me to think about my impact on the earth, my inherent species-ism, and ways I could change my life for the good of the world--and Art Meets Ecology, which combined art, the study of ecological history, and fieldwork at the Gwynns Falls in Baltimore, and culminated in a semester-long project that synthesized our field research through a chosen artistic medium.

MICA has made it hard for me to accept work that is not based on rigorous study. You don't just make friends here. You're working side by side with artists whose brains never shut off. Conversations are an exploration of art, of where you stand in the scope of things.

I majored in photography, but MICA gave me the skills to succeed in most art disciplines. Several of my photography projects were an examination of my journey through space. I made a ton of artist books including text, photographic, and tactile interactivity.

I've delved into the personal realms that all artists should express before being able to move ahead with more scholarly work. My senior thesis was a reflection of all of the different veins of work I had been producing.