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MICA's Parents Council

Parents Council

The Parents Council is comprised of approximately 40 parents of MICA students and parents of young alumni. Council members represent the MICA parent community and set a leadership example through philanthropic support and advocacy of MICA's mission.

MICA Parents Council Directory

Academic Year 2017-2018

Parents Council Co-Chairs:

Jill Zimon & Jeffrey Zimon
Pepper Pike, OH
Phone: 216-831-4495
Jeffrey email: jzimon@zimonlaw.com
Jill email: jillzimon@mac.com
Student name: Raya Zimon '19

Class of 2018

Laura Coyle & Frank Coyle
Brentwood, TN
Laura and Frank Home phone: 615-429-0166
Laura email: coylela@comcast.net
Frank email: coylefa@comcast.net
Student name: Jack Coyle, Painting

Ms. Bonnie Farone & Mr. Timothy Hulbert
Charlottesville, VA
Bonnie and Timothy home phone: 434-295-3141
Bonnie email: baf2x@virgina.edu
Timothy email: exec@cvillechamber.com
Student name: Moira Hulbert, Illustration

Ms. Maureen O’Donnell & Mr. Mark Rosati 
Evanston, IL
Mark email: marksrosati@gmail.com
Maureen email: rosati11@comcast.net
Student name: Mairead Rosati, Illustration

Shannon Wood '90 & Christopher Spann
Cockeysville, MD
Phone: 443-935-9150
Shannon email: shannon1220@msn.com
Student name: Aidan Spann, Film and Video

Diana Spellman &  Stanley Spellman
St. Louis, MO
Diana and Stan Home phone: 314-991-8731
Diana Cell: 314-406-1527
Diana email: sdspellman@att.net
Stan email: sspellman@spellmanbrady.com
Student name: Danielle Spellman, Photography

Ms. Yuriko Tada & Mr. Stephen Leist
Piedmont, CA
Yuriko and Stephen Home phone: 510-652-9468
Yuriko email: yuritada1@gmail.com
Stephen email: sleist@ppgv.net
Student name: Saya Leist, General Fine Arts

Class of 2019

Amy Adler
New York, NY
Phone: 917-690-1239
Email: amy_adler@condenast.com
Student name: Jill Adler, Painting

Danielle Bodley & Martin Bodley
Sudbury, MA
Phone: 508-259-0802
Danielle email: daniellebodley@verizon.net
Martin email: martinrbodley@gmail.com
Student name: Sarah Bodley, Graphic Design

Finesse Couch & Therman Couch
Durham, NC
Phone: 919-484-1334
Finesse email: finesse.couch@gmail.com
Thurman email: tcouch@couchandassociates.com
Student name: Faith Couch, Photography

Carol Klingenberg
Atlanta, GA
Phone: 404-892-6715
Email: carolklingenberg@comcast.net
Student name: Katherine Klingenberg, Interdisciplinary Sculpture

Ms. Julia Lichtblau & Mr. David Moldenhauer
Brooklyn, NY
Phone: 917-547-4721
Julia email: jmlichtblau@gmail.com
Student name: Zoe Moldenhauer, Painting

Mrs. Kerry Mills & Mr. Pippin Barnett
Richmond, VA
Phone: 804-233-9333
Kerry email: kerrymills@mac.com
Student name: Miles Barnett, Interdisciplinary Sculpture

Beth Rosenthal & Harold Rosenthal
Oceanside, NY
Phone: 516-849-6861
Email: havbeth93@optonline.net
Student name: Emily Rosenthal, Illustration and Humanistic Studies

Kathie Russo
Sag Harbor, NY
Phone: 631-882-9881
Email: krue384@aol.com
Student name: Theo Gray, Film & Video

Ms. Brenda Smith & Mr. Justin Martino
Wayne, PA
Phone: 610-246-5614
Email: smithmartino@verizon.net
Student name: Theodora Martino, Ceramics

Qian Wang & Wei Xu
Beijing China
Phone: 1-860-111-6188
Wei Xu email: xuwei_bj@126.com
Student name: Dongyan Xu, Illustration & Printmaking

Jill Zimon & Jeffrey Zimon – Jill and Jeffrey
Pepper Pike, OH
Phone: 216-831-4495
Jeffrey email: jzimon@zimonlaw.com
Jill Email: jillzimon@mac.com
Student name: Raya Zimon, Illustration

Class of 2020

Lorri Davis & Ken Davis
Catonsville, MD
Phone: 248-559-2758
Lorri email: ldavis@mainstreet2.com
Student name: Joseph Davis, General Fine Arts

Laurel Holgerson & Leslie Shear
Madison, WI
Phone: 608-233-2212
Leslie email: ldshear@gmail.com
Student name: Benett Holgerson
Student name: Abby Holgerson, General Fine Arts

Karla Jackson & Michael Jackson
Lorton, VA
Phone: 703-217-8936
Karla email: ksj_moj@msn.com
Michael email: michaelo.jackson@gsa.gov
Student name: Lauren Jackson, Printmaking

Shannon Magid & Marc Magid
El Segundo, CA
Shannon Phone: 310-200-7865
Email: teamsquid5@aol.com
Student name: Jason Magid, Photography

Maureen McNamara & James McNamara
Andover, MA
Phone: 978-681-6644
Maureen email: Maureen.mcnamara@conmara.net
James email: james.mcnamara@alum.bu.edu
Student name: Angela McNamara, Photography

Shelley Promisel
Playa Del Rey, CA
Phone: 310-305-1486
Email: spromisel@aol.com
Student name: Hannah Ryan, Graphic Design & Humanistic Studies

Stephanie Shorr
Davie, FL
Phone: 954-804-8604
Email: steffshorr@gmail.com
Student name: Kaleigh Noblett, General Fine Arts

Suzanne Trimel & Marc Charney
Montclair, NJ
Suzanne email: suzanne.trimel@gmail.com
Marc email: marc.charney@yahoo.com
Student name: Katherine Charney, Printmaking

Christina Valdez & Ciriaco Valdez
Overland Park, KS
Phone: 913-708-3727
Email: ciriacovaldez@me.com
Student name: Ahna Valdez, Game Design

Office of Alumni & Parent Relations

Maryland Institute College of Art
1300 Mount Royal Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21217-4191
Email: parentrelations@mica.edu
Online: www.mica.edu/parents
Facebook: www.facebook.com/MICAParents

Lindsay Dorrance
Director of Alumni and Parent Relations
Office Telephone: 410-225-2321
Email: ldorrance@mica.edu

Joe Letourneau
Assistant Director of Alumni and Parent Relations
Office Telephone: 410-225-2397
Email: jletourneau@mica.edu