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MICA's Parents Council

Parents Council

The Parents Council is comprised of approximately 40 parents of MICA students and parents of young alumni. Council members represent the MICA parent community and set a leadership example through philanthropic support and advocacy of MICA's mission.

MICA Parents Council Directory

Academic Year 2014-2015

Class of 2015

Mr. & Mrs. Russell Benamy - Mary Alice and Russell
Media, PA
Russell Email:
Mary Alice Email:
Student(s) Name: Erica Benamy, Major: Photography & Humanistic Studies

Mr. & Mrs. Byron Cain - Nancy and Byron *Parents Council Co-Chairs
Dallas, TX
Byron Email:
Nancy Email:
Student(s): Jeremy Cain, Major: General Fine Arts

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Leggin - Lindsay and Dick
Potomac, MD 
Richard Email:
Lindsay Email:
Student(s) Name: Amy Leggin '12, Major: Painting
Student(s) Name: Raymond (Alex) Leggin '15, Major: Painting & Humanistic Studies

Mr. Donald Privett & Mrs. Beverley Wilson
New York, NY
Beverley Email:
Student(s): Ian Privett, Major: GFA, Concentration in Sound Art

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Sauter - Angela and Hal
Clifton Park, NY 
Hal Email:
Ang Email:
Student(s) Name: Nicole Sauter, Major: Illustration

Mr. Vernon Scott
Lorton, VA 
Home Email:
Student(s) Name: Lasha Tamae, Major: Illustration

Ms. Lynn Scully 
East Haddam, CT 
Lynn Email:
Student(s): Daniel Scully, Major: Ceramics

Class of 2016

Ms. Bingling Chen - Bingling (Betty)
 Beijing, China
Betty Email:
Student(s): Jiaheng Li, Major: Illustration

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Foreman - Denise and Phillip (Phil)
Davie, FL
Denise Email:
Phillip: Email:
Student(s): Emma Foreman '15, Major: Painting
Student(s): Benjamin Foreman '16, Major: Video & Film Arts

Ms. Miriam Hipsh - Miriam
New York, NY 
Miriam Email:
Student(s) Name: WuQing Hipsh, Major: Interdisciplinary Sculpture

Ms. Raquel Marion - Raquel
Memphis, TN 
Miriam Email:
Student(s) Name: Ronald Marion, Major: Undeclared

Mrs. Joy Peot-Shields & Mr. James Shields- Joy and Jim
Milwaukee, WI 
Joy Email:
James Email:
Student(s) Name: Drew Shields, Major: Animation

Ms. Deidre Regan - Deidre (Dedee)
Blacksburg, VA 
Diedre Email:
Student(s) Name: Alessandra Acierno, Major: Painting

Dr. Laramie Williams & Mr. Robert Baker - Laramie and Robert (Bob)
Charlotte, NC 
Bob Email:
Student(s) Name: Dalton Baker, Major: Architectural Design

Class of 2017
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bernstein - Mac and Barbara
Potomac, MD 
Mac Email:
Barbara Email:
Student(s) Name: Stella Bernstein, Major: Photography

Mrs. Naiomi Cameron-Murphy & Mr. Jason Murphy - Naiomi and Jason
Beaverton, OR
Naiomi Email:
Student(s) Name: Kariyma Murphy, Major: Undecided

Victoria Goldstein-Macadar & Eduardo Macadar - Victoria and Eduardo
Boca Raton, FL 
Victoria Email:
Eduardo Email:
Student(s) Name: Marie Claire Goldstein-Macadar, Major: Undecided

Mr. & Mrs. Jon LeShay - Jon and Tracy
Los Angeles, CA
Tracy Email:
Student(s) Name: Phoebe Leshay, Major: Fibers

Mr. & Mrs. Ross Ruriani - Deborah and Ross
Yardley, PA 
Deborah Email:
Ross Email:
Student(s) Name: Alyse Ruriani, Major: Graphic Design

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rose - Joni and Robert (Scott)
Memphis, TN
Joni and Scott Email:
Student(s) Name: Emma Kate Rose, Major: Drawing

Ms. Lisa Wells & Mr. James Love - Lisa and James
Calabasas, CA 
Lisa Email:
James Email:
Student(s) Name: Rose Love, Major: Interdisciplinary Sculpture

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