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Robert Merrill, PhD

Robert Merrill

Robert Merrill holds a Ph.D. in Literature from the University of South Carolina and is a cultural and intellectual historian whose work centers primarily in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries but also includes contemporary "new" humanities. For the last 20 years he has been the director of the Institute for Advanced Cultural Studies and editor of its publishing division, Maisonneuve Press (Washington, DC). Current research and teaching interests center around a book in progress on Byron and Shelley in Geneva and their differences on Rousseau as well as post-humanism, cognitive science, semiotics, and narratology. He has taught and written in the areas of mass media studies, propaganda and public relations. His books include: Violent Persuasions: The Politics and Imagery of Terrorism, Sir Thomas Malory and the Cultural Crisis of the Late Middle Ages, Ethics/Aesthetics: Post-Modern Positions, and Joseph Campbell: Transformation of Myths Through Time (2 vols. and 13 hours of video).