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Mary Fredlund

Simply stated – art has taught me that I am living in the sky, and life has taught me that it is like a shopping cart – you fill it up and it still has holes in it.

As an observer it is my goal to move my inner personal work to outer world work which includes all aspects of our environment – both in organizational and educational structures of space, design, and speaking. The path to define success looks different from every angle and from each individual's perspective therefore, in a society of collective cultures, I believe it is imperative that we find and develop bridges to communicate on multiple levels. Although semiotics is the study of signs and symbols too often research into their historical connections and deriveratives are overlooked for a more passive or modern intrepretation. It is my perception that selective reasoning prohibits the manifestation of the development of a fundamental connection between conscious and sub-conscious thinking – or more simply put – the mind/body connection. And, if we have no vision to extrapolate into a language – we have nothing but blank canvases.

As both a professional designer and health care practitioner I operate with the same values and standards in the educational environment. I am committed to a process of investigation, which involves "hours" of discussions about making choices (understanding the conscious and sub-conscious mind); the act of self discipline (an initiative to read, investigate, and do "research"); the ability to actively explore, re-evaluate, and re-state problems (exploring potentials beyond the norm); and the overall dedication necessary to overcome frustrations when learning new materials, approaches and critical reactions to the work itself.

I am reminded that each day is a new day in creation, one which will not be revisited again. Work and my life co-mingling and call my observer to be ever present in the inescapable creative process.

Professional Activity and Honors

  • Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and Sponsor for Diabetes Association and Walks Across Maryland.
  • Massage Therapist for Tour de Cure, Breast Cancer Foundation, Washington, D.C. Aids Rides, Carroll County Health Department. National Association of Massage Therapists, Maryland Board of Chiropractic Massage Therapists.
  • Special Faculty and Seminars for Baltimore School of Massage and Health Care Professionals.
  • Currently completing a Masters Degree in Applied Healing Arts from the TAI Sophia Institute.
  • Design Clients Include: Baltimore Choral Arts Society, Bonnie Heneson Communications, Bon Secours Health System, The Children's Guild, ENTAA Care, Greater Baltimore Medical Center, Howard County General Hospital, IBM, Laurel Regional Hospital, Martin Marietta, Medstar, North American Phillips, Quest International, St. Joseph Medical Center.
  • Awards and honors include: Aster Awards, and Healthcare Awards in Medical Marketing, Advertising and Design; International Davey, and Communicator Awards; Go Green Advertising Awards; PIM, and PGAMA Awards of Excellence; MSHSMD; Society of Illustrators,; Carroll County Department of Health & Mental Hygiene.