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Laure Drogoul

Laure Drogoul

Laure Drogoul is an interdisciplinary artist, olfactory spelunker and cobbler of situations who lives in Baltimore, Maryland. She works with a wide range of materials and media including public projects in which she creates interactive experiences, sculpture and events that invite the viewer to be an active participant. She has exhibited and performed internationally and nationally including the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Baltimore Museum of Art, Performance Space122 and The Chelsea Museum in New York among others. She has received Maryland State Artist Awards and a Franklin Furnace Award for performance art and has been a recipient of a US/Japan Creative Artist Fellowship. In 2006 Ms. Drogoul was honored with The Janet and Walter Sondheim Prize.

Laure Drogoul directs The14Karat Cabaret, a performance program of Maryland Art Place and is a co-organizer and curator of the Transmodern Performance Festival, which is a festival of provocative works by cultural experimenters from Baltimore and beyond.