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Kristian Bjornard

Kristian Bjornard

Kristian Bjørnard is a designer, thinker, and sustainabilitist. He is the director of "The Office of Kristian Bjørnard," a design studio focused on publishing in all its forms.

Kristian holds an MFA in Graphic Design from MICA and a BA in Studio Art from Kalamazoo College. While Kristian holds his Bachelor's degree in Art, he nearly became an engineer. His exploration of physics and mathematics filtered through the lenses of painting and drawing led Kristian to graphic design.

Current research includes "sustainable graphic design" and new publishing utilities. This has resulted in various "sustainable" aesthetic exercises, a more purposeful interest into systems, exploring reusable processes, a focus on rules-based design concepts, and investigating vernacular design methodologies.

Kristian keeps abreast of current web trends, standards, and technologies, and explores time and motion in both digital and print media. His myriad interests make for interesting insights and connections among science, philosophy, and the practice of design - both in the classroom and in his professional practice.