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Kim Anderson

Kim Anderson

Kimberly Anderson received a BA from Columbia College and an MA from the University of South Carolina along with a Graduate Certificate of Study in Museum Management. She worked in the education departments of the McKissick Museum in Columbia, South Carolina, as well as the Baltimore Museum of Industry in Maryland. Additionally, she served as chairperson for the committee that created the visual arts curriculum for the Archdiocese of Baltimore while teaching studio art and art history in the Catholic school system.

Currently, she teaches a variety of art history courses, including the History of Baroque Art, the History of Women in Art and other art history survey courses at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Recently, she co-authored a textbook and corresponding workbook entitled Understanding Visual Artforms in Our World, now in its second edition.

Courses Taught at the College Level (Past to Present)

  • Teaching Assistant at the University of South Carolina: (Art 360) Interdisciplinary Relationships in the Arts 
  • Art in the Culture
  • Art Appreciation
  • Art History I: Ancient to Gothic
  • Art History II: Renaissance to Contemporary 
  • Women in Art 
  • Fundamentals of Art (Studio and Lecture)
  • An Introduction to the Arts (Fine and Performing Arts)
  • Renaissance to 1855 (MICA)
  • Baroque Survey (MICA)
  • Modernism and After (MICA)
  • Independent Study: The Works of Charles Le Brun at Versailles: Louis XIV, Art and Propaganda (MICA)
  • Art Matters (MICA)
  • Women as Creators (MICA: Summer 2013)