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Eglute Trinkauskaite

Eglute Trinkauskaite

Eglute Trinkauskaite is a native of Lithuania. She earned her BA in Religion at Hunter College, City University of New York. She earned her MA, MPhil, and PhD in Religion at Syracuse University. Throughout her undergraduate and graduate training, her study of religion has been broad and interdisciplinary, allowing her to study various fields and their interactions with religion. Her teaching and research interests focus on indigenous and ethnic traditions, the natural environment, and globalization. Eglute is currently working on her book, The Swarming Sacreds. This book focuses on indigenous religions and nature through an examination of indigenous Lithuanian relationships with the natural world. In her work, she looks for new ways of applying different methods and theories to accommodate the uniqueness of native traditions; for example, she utilizes historical, feminist, and anthropological methods. Eglute has taught at Syracuse University, Hamilton College, and Nazareth College of Rochester, New York. Eglute is a part of Indigenous Values Initiative, a group that consists of scholars, writers, and activists working on promoting the indigenous values that are inherent in traditional cultures. Most recently, Eglute conducted field work with women who practice verbal healing charms in the Lithuanian countryside, and worked as a summer research fellow at the Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore. She has a son and enjoys the outdoors.