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About the MICA Logo

MICA's logo was designed by Abbott Miller, partner, and Kristen Spilman ’05 (Graphic Design MFA), senior designer,  Pentagram, in 2007. The refresh in 2017 was again led by Abbott; this time with Kim Walker and Andrew Walters ’12 (Graphic Design BFA).

About the Logo

MICA was founded in 1826 as The Maryland Institute for the Promotion of the Mechanic Arts, and has been known by a number of different names, including its official business name: The Maryland Institute. Many alumni, as well as long-time faculty, staff, and friends, still refer to the College as "the Institute," or even "the 'Tute." While MICA embraces its long, varied, and rich history, the move to embrace "MICA" as our primary name is a reflection of usage among current students, faculty, and staff, and how the College is known nationally and internationally. With the College’s accreditation and awarding of bachelor’s degrees in the mid 20th century, its name—Maryland Institute College of Art—reflected our movement towards becoming one of the top colleges of art and design in the country. The  logo recognizes that MICA’s name recognition has broadened enough to allow us to simply be "MICA."

Logo Guidelines

The MICA identity consists of the logo (acronym with its associated rhythmic lines), the signature (Maryland Institute College of Art), the lockup (acronym with signature), and two patterns that works in conjunction with the logo for expressive applications.

MICA's Graphic Identity Standards and Guidelines explains rules of usage and scale, specifies colors for print and electronic formats, and summarizes key applications. If you have questions that are not addressed in this document, or if you need logos in electronic format, please contact MICA’s Division of Strategic Communications.


This page was last updated on 08/21/2017.