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Threats of Violence/Active Shooter

Non-specific Threats of Violence

  • Alert Campus Safety's 24 hr Emergency Dispatch 443-423-3333. Do not hesitate to report a non-specific threat just because there has been no actual harm to a person or property.

Direct Threats of Violence

  • Get out of immediate danger if possible. 
  • Call 911 and then Campus Safety (443-423-3333). Stay on the line until you are told to hang up.

Armed Gunman on Campus or other Direct Threat

  • Get out of immediate danger if possible. Alert 911 and Campus Safety (443-423-3333) and provide the following information: Reported location of the suspect, identity, and physical description of suspect and the number and type of weapons reportedly held by the suspect.
  • Shelter in place: remain in a room with doors locked and windows secured. Stay away from windows and doors.
  • For additional information go to www.mica.edu.

Active Shooter on Campus

  • Get out of immediate danger if possible.
  • Alert 911 and Campus Safety (443-423-3333) with the following information: Location of the active shooter(s), physical description, number and type of weapons held by the shooter(s), the number of potential victims at the location.
  • If you see the shooter at a distance, run away when possible. Do not run in a straight line; use objects to block you from view when possible.
  • If you cannot evacuate safely, shelter in place. Lock doors, close blinds, turn out lights, stay away from doors and windows, silence cell phones.