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Ean McNamara

Ean McNamara is an animator at LAIKA Studio in Portland, Oregon, where he worked on the stop-motion feature file Coraline - a job he landed through connections made via MICA's animation faculty. McNamara was part of the film's design team and story team. As a story artist, he drew story boards - drawings that block out action and camera angles before the scenes are shot; McNamara is particularly proud of one such sequence, a scene where Coraline makes deal with the Other Mother. As he explains, "There was something very satisfying in boarding the action between two characters in such a confined space, a kitchen. I think everyone has been in that situation, when you're stuck in a room with some monstrous person, who's very passive aggressive, and they're pretending to do something nice for you."

When McNamara was considering colleges, he knew he wanted to make movies, but wasn't sure if he wanted to attend a school focused solely on the profession. When discussing his reasons for choosing MICA, McNamara says, "The community of MICA is so open that I was able to pursue my various interests with equal passion. The Illustration, Animation, Film, Sculpture, and Teaching programs never conflicted; they only complimented."

McNamara currently lives in Portland with his cat Nashashuk, and he enjoys the sight of Mt. Hood looming over the city - a sight he compares to a backdrop from a Godzilla movie. He is currently working as a conceptual artist on one of the LAIKA's upcoming films.